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Winning Eleven 2009 PS3 Roigafni OF v1 (region 3 only)


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RoiGafni OPTION FILE – Winning Eleven 2009 (region 3 only)

NOW !!! – Compatible with konami latest patch + latest download content (england national team new kit)

Hi to you all after 3 month editing work I’m proudly present my OF. I think that the kits I made turns out very well. The logos and the badges are very smooth and sharp. As I see it, the kits are the best on the market today. But all the credit for that are deserved for Greyfox and for his kit template (Even though I changed few things in it).
I also want to thank for “the MUFF” (Von OF) and for simo 6787 (sks OF) ( both OF are available for the EU version of the game), for their kits formulas and for the player stats and appearances.

So here are the final results:
All England teams with correct kits, logos and badges
All La Liga teams with correct kits, logos and badges
Added Bayern Munich and werder Bremen instead PES United and WE United on league A.
Added Schalke 04, Borussia Dortmund and Herta Bsc Berlin in Other leagues B.
All the German teams which I added have the correct kits, logos, badges starting eleven and rosters update (except herta- I just didn’t have the power to finish the team roster)
All National Team kits done with badges, kit sponsors.
All League, cups and Stadium names corrected.
Fake/duplicate national team players removed
correct player’s name

Once again, the credit is for
Mike – For the base file to build on (PESFan)
heatuk10, trilogy, brownus and arsenald -(PESGaming)
Carl brooks- w.e.n.b.
The muff- Von OF for PS3.
Simo6787- SKS OF for PS3.

1. Unzip file using Winzip or Winrar
2. Copy ‘PS3’ folder to your flashdrive
3. Insert flashdrive into PS3. Go to ‘Saved Data Utility’. Now click ‘USB Device’
4. Copy ALL files from flash drive to PS3 (sorry, but you’ll have to copy everything again and one by one)
Even If you Downloaded my earlier OF version you must delete all your existing pes edit data/kit pngs because I changed everything.Also, make sure you definitely copied over the edit data and deleted you’re your original one (otherwise the OF wont work)

As the game start, you’ll be prompted to save the option file (if no then it’s o.k). if so you must click NO.
To use the OF you’ll have to go to edit mode and load the data from there and then save the data.

PES PatchMirrorPES PatchMirrorPES Patch


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