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WENB Option File v3.2 [PES 2013 PS3]


WENB Option File v3.2 [PES 2013 PS3]

This update contains 7 files and includes:
Stadiums – ALL teams (club, national and classics) in PES2013 without a licensed stadium have been allocated the most appropriate default stadium with correct names

A New Stadium – “Calcio Kitana” has been created – this is our own fictional stadium and has been allocated to teams where appropriate, we’ve also added some basic ad-boards and these will be improved in our next update. When using this stadium in a licensed game mode (i.e. UEFA Champions League or Ligue 1) our boards will be overwritten by the licensed boards.

Teams – Loads of updated formations and playing styles

Kits – New Wales away (green and white) kit added

Players – All “Newface” players renamed to reflect up and coming real life youngsters, some appearances also added
Appearance updates – includes beards added to the licensed faces of Mata, Pirlo, Long and Lavezzi and the players in npower Championship with default faces now have better appearances
Shirt name corrections – let us know of more you’d like to see
Lifelike accessory updates
Hundreds of goal celebrations allocated/updated
Fake players not used in the creation of the original option file have now been used to create players in Bundesliga and npower Championship
Classic Free agents have been restored and named correctly, some appearances have also been corrected
More players removed by Konami in the first DLC have been restored – Also includes Manninger added to Augsburg and Derlis Gonzalez added to SL Benfica
Stars from all over the world who weren’t in game by default have been created and added as free agents – including, Beckham, Henry, Clottey, Del Piero, Ocampos, Drenthe, Osako and more

Crowd Chants – We have added the crowd chants, created by WENB board legend chuckbass, to our edit data. Several members of the community asked us to “add the fanchants to the OF as default”. We have attempted this as best we know how! Some of you may find the crowd chants already allocated when you install this update, others may not. Instructions on how to a get hold of, and allocate, chuck’s chants are in the download file.

Also, we have added the Bundesliga entrance music played at the beginning of Bundesliga matches. This file is also in the download file – simply add it to the Entrance Music playlist that you need for Chuck’s own chants.

Huge credit must go to WENB board member Viniero09 for selecting and bringing together some of the best build appearances you’ll see on PES2013

This Option File is becoming a real community effort, more suggestions like the one above would be most welcome! Help us to help you and your PES experience.

Installation instructions are included in the download file

Download WENB Option File v3.2 (all in one archive)

or Download WENB Option File v3 + v3.1 + v3.2


  1. Do i have to install v3 then v3.1 and the v3.2 or will the last version work singelhandledy? Please help

  2. Hi there, wonderful option file, thanks so much for the upload it’s great!

    My one question is, is your file compatible with the latest PS3 1.03 patch and DLC 3? I’m guessing it isn’t so I’m holding off updating my game until I know for sure, thanks. Until then I’m having a blast with patch 1.02 and DLC 2.0, thanks again guys and looking forward to your next version, cheers!

  3. I installed the patches and now my someoor of my kits are messed up like Chelsea got Arsenal Emirates badges in front. :-(

  4. Your next update, can you guys do something about the commentary, and also can you guys work on the crowd, the crowd could be more active, with flags and stuff. also can you guys work on the sideline, including the bench, which would be really cool. you only see players on the bench when it’s replay, which sucks. well thats all for now…but my focus is more on the crowd, bring life into them, with flags banners and stuff. Good job guys…

  5. I love your work.
    Is it possible to make scoreboards for ps3?
    Please fix asian nationals (south korean kits don’t look good and faces don’t even resemble asians)


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