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VISION-PATCH 2009 v2.01 by Patros46


VISION-PATCH 2009 v2.01 *Mini-Update* RELEASED incl. FM Stats + Transfers + Stadiums


* Leagues: Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga, 2nd Bundesliga, Primera Division, Other Teams (new: Sturm Graz, Rapid Wien, Red Bull Salzburg, LA Galaxy) [detailed teamlist -> see below]
* Stats: Converted stats from Football Manager 09
* Transfers: All winter-transfers done!
* Formations: Accurate formations for 1st and 2nd Bundesliga
* Faces: Not only Bundesliga-faces are new, we added international faces, too
* Chants (optional, additional download): Chants for many teams [detailed chantlist –> see below]
* Balls (optional): Ballpack by arctic-monkey
* Boots (optional): Bootpack by Kralle92
* Scoreboard (optional): Premiere-Scoreboard by eleanor [see on Screens]
* Banners: Banners for many teams are included.
* Filename-struktur: It’s possible to see on file-names what the content is
* Stadiums (optional, additional Download, tomorrow): Bundesliga & international stadiums [detailed Stadiumlist –> see below]
* Goalsounds (optional): Goalsounds for better atmosphere
* Entrance music (optional): Entrance music for better atmosphere
* Logos: New logos & nationalteamflags have their place in this patch (von SVWerder und starman65)
* Weiteres: Callnames, Menue, better crowd-colour, more atmosphere.
* Fehlerbehebung: All bugs from 1.91 fixed

Main Part – setup.exe (2.0 + 2.1 version)
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2.1 Update if you have 2.0 version already installed
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Chants + Stadiums
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More info
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