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VirtuaRED.com Patch 2019 v4.0 For PES 2019 PC


VirtuaRED Patch 2019 4.0 For PES 2019 Released 06.07

Download VirtuaRED.com Patch 2019 4.0 Update For PES2019 PC

– AIO, doesn’t need previous versions
– Compatible with data pack 6.00
– Added Mexican League (Liga Mx) 100%
– Added Copa América 2019 100%
– Updated the new name for Coppa Italia: TIM Cup
– Real name for all the coaches in the game
– Real kits for all the J1 League teams
– Updated squads for all the national teams in Copa America Brasil 2019
– Updated logos for competitions: Serie A TIM, TIM Cup
– Updated kits for: Brasil, Uruguay, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia
– Added 59 new faces (updated: 30)


Important notes:
– It’s very important to disable the live updates, otherwise, many changes will be overridden.
– We recommend to install this patch over an empty and cleaned Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 game.
– In order to avoid problems unzipping, don’t use programs like MegaDownloader. Use the standard way to download. If you still have problems with some parts, try to download them using Mozilla or Internet Explorer.
– If you have problems being redirected from ouo.io to Google Drive mirror, check this tutorial.
– If you detect any link down, let us know contacting by email: [email protected]
– You can share this patch, but please respect the original links.

Special thanks:
– Very thanks to the VRED Team members: Txak, Juaniyo, Meryoju, Gnen, Zagro, Anarki_Frost. Without their help, this patch and its updates wouldn’t be possible.
– Eternally grateful to people like Juce, Obocaman, Barcafan, Jenkey1002, Goldorakiller, [email protected], or Razib_46. Their tools make us easier the edition task.

– Database completely edited by Txak.
– Liga Mx teams by Erzo77.
– Thanks to Zsolt Wenczl for stats, data, and appearance of Esperance Tunis players).

Edit file:
– Bundesliga renamed by Txak.
– Balls linked to respective competitions by Txak.

– All faces compiled and tested by Juaniyo and Zagro.
– Faces by Lucas, Ahmed el Shenany, Jonathan, Emre T, DNB, Prince Hamiz, Volun, Huybuy, Jarray and White Demon, Eric, Tiitoo, Return, Ratatui, Messi pradeep, fede, Galacton, Shaft, MadMax, Nene, Luis, Ghufran, Bou7a, Sofyan Andri, Galacton, Francisco1507, Andrey93, Konami, Stranger, bebo, K, Dustmcpw, AmirHsn7, KepaRik, Mincho, FootballMania.
– All mini faces compiled and tested by Gnen and Anarki_Frost.
– Mini faces by Gnen, Anarki_Frost, RKH257, Cesc Fabregas, 1002MB.

– All kits compiled and tested by Txak.
– Kits by Carrasco1live, 4N63L_77, AerialEdson, NemanjaBRE, Hawke, BaltoEdita, Klashman, Nemesis, BigZombieMonkey, Angeltorero, Garde, Lukas RK, Felipeplayz, Dankichi, Txak, PTE, PES World, Albiore, Swoosh1968, Glen PESW, Kiki Rocha.
– Many kits adapted by Txak.
– [Sider] Referee kit server by Hawke. Adapted to VRED Patch by Txak.
– [Sider] Referee kits by zlac, juce, nesa24, shawminator, Cesc Fabregas, Hawke

Balls, boots, and gloves:
– Balls by Hawke.
– Gloves by Hawke.
– Boots by Hawke, Paul81118.
– [Sider] Ball server by Hawke. Adapted to VRED Patch by Txak.
– [Sider] Balls by shawminator, juce, nesa24, zlac, josemiguel_miuccio.

– Team, national team, and competition logos adapted by Txak. Logos by Peslogos.
– New screen backgrounds by Meryoju.
– Game entrance customized by Meryoju.
– Top bar customized by Txak.
– PlayStation4 gamepad by Sargox.
– [Sider] Scoreboard server by garythano.
– [Sider] Scoreboards by EvoWeb, Txak, Cesc, Hawke, Benja Diaz, Hova, ginda01, Furkan6141, 1002MB, FuNZoTiK, Arthur Torres/lohan258, Lucasvillakapo, quangtri78, Eskpist.

– National anthems by Predator002.
– Chants by Predator002, Falcom4Ever, Zarrix.
– 2 intros adapted by Txak.
– Official tournament menu music by Mauri_d, predator002.
– [Sider] Goal Pack by Mauri_d.
– [Sider] Goal by mauri_d, ginda01, MJTS-140914, Deltoon​, Andò12345.

– All stadiums compiled and tested by Txak.
– Stadiums by MJTS-140914.
– Small details mod by Hawke.
– Camp Nou mod by Txak.
– Wanda Metropolitano & Allianz Arena Mod by Nabawi29.
– Turf mod by Nabawi29.
– Stadium previews by Meryoju.
– Adboards by Chosefs, Nabawi29, Majuh, Hugimen, Ctonian, and Evoweb community.
– [Sider] Stadium server by garythano.
– [Sider] Stadiums by Arthur Torres, bouquenom, eafh, EvoWeb, gavi83, Ismail1795, Konami, kotiara6863, Lohan258, BMPes, Orsest, Omarbonvi, REDAVI1, SE 12, Shawminator, sultanu27, Twich, Vangheljs.


  1. Para los que no les empieza el partido una vez instalado todo el parche tienen que generar el Dpefilelist también tiene mal los nombres de las ligas,por ultimo para el que quiere agregar kits nuevos se le puede agregar el kitserver en youtube hay muchos vídeos de como instalar el kitserver con los nuevos kits

  2. Hi all
    When i install this patch on pes 2019, at beginning of the game, it stinksa…my instalition is correct


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