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VirtuaRED.com Patch 2015 v2.0 [PES 2015][PC]


VirtuaRED.com Patch 2015 Version 2.0 [PES 2015][PC]

Download VirtuaRED.com Patch 2015 v2.0 For PES 2015 PC

Versión 2.0 New Content:

Promoted teams of the main european leagues.
Updated summer transfers, reviewed team line ups and strategies.
More than 900 new faces added.
New stadiums: Emirates Stadium, Estadio de Balaídos, Estadio de Vallecas, Benito Villamarín, Ciutat de València.
All the new balls of season 2015/16.
Updated some kits of season 2015/16. It includes all the MLS 2015/16 kits in high quality, developed by VirtuaRED Team.
Updated the Champions League 2015/16 referee kits.
Sleeve badges of 2015/16 season.
Updated new Europa League and some teams logos.
JLeague adboards.
JLeage and MLS DataBase 100% completed, as well as part of european teams.

Version 2.0 Fixed Bugs:

Fixed the playlist, which blocked some sounds reproduction.
Fixed the problem of Europa League sound during matches.
Fixed the german supercup adboards.
NOTE: all the version 2.0 credits updated in CREDITS section.


NOTE: all the version 2.0 credits updated in CREDITS section.


Database/Option File:
– All the leagues has been licensed, included Bundesliga and Premier League.
– DataBase highly customized and modified, with player appearances, numbers, strategies and line ups.
– Stadiums correctly linked to the respective teams and national teams. The balls and sleeve badges also has been linked to their respective competitions.
– All the competitions of the game have been licensed. Added the VirtuaRED Leage and VirtuaRED Cup competitions replacing the default Konami ones.
– Players stats reviewed, and FM stats assigned to the new created players..
– List of teams/national teams (inside)

– The patch includes a completed and HQ kits compilation formed by the original kits of the game teams.
– Big quantity of kits done for the patch.
– Original and licensed referee kits.
– All the sleeve badges have been replaced by the oficial ones.

– Compilation with more than 250 player faces, including tatoos and updated hairs.
– Faces very thoroughly selected, always trying, to choose the best one of each player.

– Included a ball pack formed by the most important leagues/competitions balls, all in full HD quality.
– Ball previews in high quality as well.
– A total of 50 balls, here is the list (inside)

– A deep renewal of all the boots of the game, the patch has a very balanced bootpack, formed by the best brands and the latest models. Furthermore, all in the highest quality.
– This pack replaces all the no licensed boots of the game.
– In addition, some boots have been assigned to their respective players.

– Original teams logos, national teams, and competitions in high quality.
– Changed XBOX buttons and joystick by the PS3 ones.
– Edited the scoreboard, adding a fantasy scoreboard of Canal+ channel. Also it includes Canal+ channel repetition logo.
– Licensed all the game gloves.

– Exclusive stadiums pack with the best ones done up to date.


Special thanks:
– Thank you very much to Txak, Cronos, Juaniyo, Secun1972 and Meryoju, faithful and committed collaborators.
– Thanks to Gnen, Atomyx, and Tote_alkor, which has collaborated in new patch versions.
– Eternally grateful to people like Juce, Obocaman, Barcafan, Jenkey1002, Goldorakiller, [email protected] and Razib_46. Their tools help us greatly the task of editing, without them any of this would it be possible.

Database/Option File:
– Game Database by Txak, with the help of Cronos, Tote_Alkor, and FranJavi.
– MLS Database by Mri_20. JLeague Database and some european teams imported from PTE Patch.
– Summer transfers and strategies updated by Txak and Atomyx.
– Settings file edited by Txak.
– Real coaches by Txak. Pictures compiled by Cronos, FranJavi, Meryoju and Txak.
– Players appearances extracted from PesGaming, by kitfisto, Valencia 25, KoBr24, Teabee, Homer S., Souul44, bullito86, feninstar, Gloom, Hansa601, Ketmo, 4N63L, BoB.

– Compilation, texting and kits fixing by Cronos and Juaniyo. Colaboration of Meryoju and Atomyx in the task of 2015/16 kits compilation.
– Clubs kits by Abiel, Antonio-aha, Aemza-kun, Alepes, Arturo 610, AGAMSF, aLe, A7MED SB, Cames, Cofi, Delija, Cronos, Cuky, Baris Yerlikaya, Dekabreak, Emre Aydin, Erolkopuz, Gerlamp, G-Style, H.B, Kolia V, Klashman69, Juaniyo, Jorge Cabral, Konami, Karakgnet 1412, Meryoju, Matteo, Marckdu, Nemanja Bre, Pesgalaxy, PESEdit, PTE Team, Anderscheinung, Santy Argentina, The Name Jer, Tsouninho, Tibinator, Tote Alkor, Txak, Vin Van Dam, VIRTUARED TEAM.
– Referee kits by Cronos.
– SleeveBadges by Cronos.

– V1 faces compilation by FranJavi. V2 compilation by Gnen.
– Faces by Abbasstark, Abdallah Tamer, allan souza, Amir.Hsn7, am, AMusollini, Andrews, Andri_Dexter11, Beats, Bono, Bono10, Bruno, Burak, Carzg, Cleiton Silva, dantezalazar, Dexter, DzGeNiO, Elemander, emre0796, EmreKaya, Euler, everest9, fabler, Fampei89, Fampei_1, Fampeii, fede, FM Imortal 83, Fottball, Footallmania, Gleidson, Grkm, hawke, Jack, joanderson7, Juan M, Kairzhanov, Kairzhanov_21 kpt1, kingsley, kukus, Lincoln, m4rc310, mario, Mario Milan, markn, mayo, Maze, maze32, milagro, MinchoSheen, Mystiq, oleh, PantelG7, Phenom, Proo, rahul, Rednik, Reus, reus11, Sameh Momen, Savio, Saviogoncalves1995, sekiz, Shaft, Shaggy, Shagy, Shamrik_Gunners, shemrik, sotirakis, Spirit, spiritusanto, stev king, Straone, sudac, sunbast, Tunizizou, Vangelis, Wafeq Octavian, Yasin02, Ynovik, Ziutkowski, Znovik_S.

– Balls compilation by Cronos.
– Balls previews by Cronos.
– Balls by Cronos, Danyy77, Elemen, Ppaaggpp and SG.

– Boot pack by WENS
– Boots by Boonaun, Qinchao, 19tha, WENS and Konami.

– Teams and competition logos by Cronos and PES Logos.
– PS3 joystick and buttons by Maze32 and Sxsxsx.
– Canal+ HD Replay Logo by Txak, adapted by Secun1972. USM File by 67058040.
– Better crowds by Mydumpstinks.
– Press one button screen by Cronos.
– Loading by Meryoju.
– Rating stars by Meryoju.
– Scoreboard by Txak.
– Added Canal+ channel logo in scoreboards by Txak.
– New outside line by Cronos.
– Gloves pack by Abtodac/me. Gloves by Abtodac/me, Fatih and Farhana.

– Chants pack by Secun1972.
– Menu music converted by Secun1972. Playlist designed by FranJavi with the help of Secun1972.
– National anthems by Secun1972. Spain anthem by Polaris.
– Main intro by Secun1972.

– Stadium compilation by Cronos.
– Stadiums by Boonaun, Konami, Tizziano, Txak, Vangheljs and Yucel11
– Adboards compilation by Cronos.
– Adboards by Cronos, G-Style, Ganugunners, Hang u, Hicksville, Majuh, Mephobia, Randerscheinung, Txak, UllaMaron, Zikint.
– Stadium previews by Meryoju.

* Please, in case you detect some error in the list of credits, please contact us to: [email protected]


  1. can you please upload in english….what is descarga parche??????? and what is update parche??????
    and the install process??????

  2. Las medias del Real Zaragoza, perfectas, gracias por el retoque y gracias también por el resto del parche, espectacular!


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