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VirtuaRED.com Patch 13, COMING UP …


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Announce officially that there will be official patch of VirtuaRED for PES 2012 PC.

VirtuaRED.com Patch 13.

Given all the love and support that we received not only from Spain, but the rest of the world, could not be absent a new contribution to the players from PES. I hope that this announcement turn off the curiosity of many, who already asked me if there will be or not patch.
It is now official, whether there will be.

The developments that will bring the patch will be many, but as with all the years, we will be  reporting the information in dribs and drabs. However, this year we will try display the first catch much earlier, and shall be published more detailed information on a regular basis, so that you can be well informed of our progress. Anyway, something that i assure you is that it will be a patch competent different than what you have seen, original, and entirely novel.

Because what has been said, more information soon…


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