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Unlock tool beta version 3.5 beta by jenkey1002


The features were finished :

Ingame gui
Change between 27 stadium
7 scoreboard ingame switchable
Match time change (5~30 minutes)
Force stadium time (day, afternoon, night) – still have bug cause have little diffirent with stadiums of PES2011-PES2012
Ball changer not yet …

Beta version download : (tutorial included)


How to use :

Extract & Copy all files to the same folder with PES2012.exe
If have antivirus software, you should disable it first
Play game with : PES2012 demo – unlock teams 3.5 beta.exe
Alway run as administrator in Win7/Vista
If want to select stadium you need install addition stadium first : jenkey.moddingway.net…

Keymap :

F1 : Show/hide help menu
F2 : Show detail setting information
F3/F4 : Select stadium
F5/F6 : Select scoreboard
F7 : Stadium weather switch
F8 : Stadium time switch (day/afternoon/night)
F9 : Match time switch (should go to General Setting ingame before)
1~9 : Quick select league

It’s beta version (have bugs), still developing & need more time to comlete. Please feedback me if have problem.
Have fun !

———————————– Bugs reporting : Q/A —————————

About stadium select not correct
In full game stadium will be loaded ater select teams
but in demo version (cause have only 1) it was loaded just after enter “Exhibion”, if want select stadium you should do it before “Exhibition”

“Rain mode” doesnt work :
cause in demo version it doesnt exist (code function & model file lacking)

Crash after select team :
Must edit added team first (kits & faces)
or use any patch already have these.

Fullscreen crash :
– Im finding the bugs. in my PC it works in all mode
if got that problem : please tell me your resolution setting & graphic memory if posible



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