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Unlock Serie B and LaLiga 2 Teams For Smoke Patch 19


SP19 – Unlock Serie B and LaLiga 2 Teams by Dido_SMoKE

Download Second Divisions Teams Mod

This option, compatible with SP19 version 19.1.0, will unlock all the hidden teams from Italian and Spanish 2nd division, making them all available in Other European Leagues.

Please read the information below before using this.

In smokepatch19 we have created all the teams from the laliga2 and serieB, with real squads and kits, unlocking this teams in Other Europe means that there is a chance that some will appear in European championship when you play master league, there is no way around that.



1. Download and copy (08_smkdb_ulk.cpk) in the download folder of the game (replace file), backup the original file.

2. Start the game and go to edit mode, reset the competition structure as shown in this picture:

Edit Settings

Note: if you want to go back to default patch, use the file you made backup, if you do that you will need to reset the competition structure again.
or get the original file from HERE (08_smkdb_ulk ORIGINAL.rar)



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