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Universal Mod Manager : mod swapping made easy by Bendit


Universal Mod Manager : mod swapping made easy by Bendit

Because this very useful tool is not well known in the PES community, I thought it worth mentioning again this year. With Kitserver it allows you to install or uninstall a mod with a single click. But rather than explaining what it does, it’s probably best if you just see how it works with PES:

As you can see in the demo, the program intelligently keeps track of all mod installs, so that it warns you if one mod overwrites part of another. It makes swapping, uninstalling, and testing mods very simple. You don’t have to remember which mod is which file and where, and what order you installed them. The program does it all for you. You can uninstall every mod with a click, and it keeps copies of all your original mods, so it’s great for testing different mods working with each other.

If you love swapping mods in and out, I think it’s worth spending a couple of minutes setting this program up.


Installing the mod manager
1. If you have any mods already installed with kitserver, it’s probably best if you move them all out of this folder: \Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 DEMO\kitserver12\example-root\img\
It’s not essential to remove them, but you won’t be able to use the mod manager to load/unload them if you don’t.

2. Download the mod manager and unrar everything inside to the same folder we cleared in step 1: \Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 DEMO\kitserver12\example-root\img\

3. Start the Mod Manager by clicking on the yellow JSGME icon. Create a shortcut to the Mod Manager somewhere handy if you use it often.

4. Now you can turn any mod on or off with one click. I have pre-loaded a couple of stadium mods for you to test.

5. To install a new mod, just drag and drop it onto the Mod Manager window. But with any mod you wish to use with JSGME, first you just have to make sure the mod folder structure is compatible. The top folder should be the mod name, containing all the .img sub-folders, like this:

\Name of the mod\
\dt06.img\ \dt07.img\ etc

6. Delete a mod in the Mod Manager by pressing delete. Rename one with F2. You can use SHIFT-Click & CTRL-Click to select multiple mods like in Windows. The software does all the rest.

Hope this helps!

Big thanks to Juce and Jæsen Jones for making mod swapping easy. You can also download this JSGME software from the author’s website if you don’t mind configuring it for PES2012 yourself:

Pre-loaded mod credits: Frenkie and Jenkey for San Siro turf, Nou Camp imported by Txak


  1. I still don’t get it. If i use kitserver, how can i use this. I copy this to the game directory but it doesn’t show any changes. What should i do. Should i put it inside the kitserver directory?


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