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Ultimate Patch – Facepack Addon – Stadiums Addon For PES 2020



The Ultimate Patch and its Addons bring (for Free) to all of you the max PES 2020 Modding can give, in the most efficient package so that you can have the best possible modded game with the least of the efforts!
The list above doesn’t cover completely all that it is inside this project but should give you a first idea. Keep in mind that the real content inside is way bigger and better than what we can describe. Enjoy It!

Download Ultimate Patch 2020

Licensed All Leagues, Teams and Competitions (Fake Leagues replaced with Bundesliga, MX and J1 League 100% Complete)
Licensed Kits, Balls, Boots, Adboards, CornerFlags, Scoreboards and Trophies for every League and Competition.
Inlcuded and Enhanced Entrances, Aerial Views, Chants, Cheers, Anthems, Goal Songs, Broadcast Camera and English Commentary.
Elegant Graphics and Pre-Match Animations for Main Menu, Backgrounds, and Modes.
Realistic and Script-Free Gameplay.
8500+ Faces
1030+ Arm Tatoos
27000+ Minifaces

ML Managers have been replaced with the following (in the numbered order):
01. S.Pioli [Milan] (65338)
02. A.Conte [Inter] (65340)
03. M.Sarri [Juventus] (65339)
04. E.Ten Hag [Ajax] (65335)
05. C.Simeone [A.Madrid] (65341)
06. Z.Zidane [R.Madrid] (65334)
07. Q.Setien [Barcelona] (65336)
08. F.Lampard [Chelsea] (65337)
09. N.H.Spirit [Wolves] (65342)
10. P.Gardiola [M.City] (65343)
11. J.Klopp [Liverpool] (65344)
12. J.Mourinho [Tottenham] (65345)
13. R.Benitez [Newcastle] (65346)
14. C.Ancelotti [Everton](65347)
15. O.Solskjaer [M.United] (65348)
16. T.Tuchel [PSG] (65349)
17. D.Wagner [Schalke] (65350)
18. J.Low [Germany] (65351)


This Addon includes 500 custom stadiums linked to their official teams, everyone with Broadcast Cameras, Custom Nets, Smokes, English Announcements and Quality of Life Fixes to experience the best in quality and quantity stadiums pack as always have been.

List: https://bit.ly/2PDD7md

You can find Credits in the file below. Keep in mind that the credits will have to still be updated but it’s a start, and if we missed someone let us know.

[Credits]: https://bit.ly/2PEQOkM

qBitTorrent: https://bit.ly/30dys0M
WinRaR: https://bit.ly/35osCud

*Please never use Web Torrent for such mastodontic files, it will likely results in issues upon extraction.


[09/08] [Torrent]: https://bit.ly/33Hk4zy

*Weight: 60gb Compressed and 140gb Uncompressed.

– Download the Ultimate Patch – AIO with qBitTorrent (or similar) and then open it with WinRaR (or similar). Now extract the Sider folder wherever you want and especially where you have a lot of free space. Now copy the Sider\save folder to the Documents\Konami\eFootball Pes 2020\xxxxxxxnumbers folder and overwrite if asked.
– To also download the gameplay patch as supposed to, open the Sider\gameplay folder and copy everything inside it to the Steam\Steamapps\common\eFootball Pes 2020 folder and overwrite when asked. (also make a backup of the vanilla files the gameplay changes in case you wanna play online sometimes)

* From now on ALWAYS run the game through the Sider\sider.exe file. This will launch automatically the game with mods loaded and network disabled to avoid issues. If you launch the game through Steam or through the official eFootball Pes 2020\Pes2020.exe (by mistake or because you wanted to play online), you always have to put back the EDIT00000 file as said above before launching the sider.exe.


[09/08] [Torrent]: https://bit.ly/3fD7LXn

*Weight: 130gb Compressed and 260gb Uncompressed

– Download the file with qBitTorrent (or similar) and then open it with WinRaR (or similar). Now extract the content and modules folders to the same Sider folder coming from the Ultimate Patch.

Password within brackets [BiRaitBec]

1.Glowing Tatoos:
To fix tatoos glowing while playing matches be sure to enable x16 Antisotropic Filter in the nvidia control panel for Pes2020.exe.

2.How to Remove a Custom Manager in ML:
If You don’t want a particular Manager or all of them, you can delete their ID (Next to their Names) folder located in the Sider\livecpk\Faces\Asset\model\character\real folder and their ID file located in the Sider\livecpk\Faces\common\render\symbol\coachML folder.


  1. La contraseña no funciona me da error cuando voy a descomprimir ayuda por favor.

  2. Be sure you are using Utorrent desktop app, the one linked in the description and that you are using the right password, which is the one inside the brackets [ ].

    Otherwise show me the error message but i can confirm you it won’t happen if done all properly.

  3. Baita trabalho Parabéns. Esta bloqueado para adicionar times… legends como posso fazer para importar times?

  4. Guys speak in a normal language (English or italian) or no support granted

  5. Yeh guys, unlucky you have to wait that staff uploads new content with new links updated, i can’t edit this description in real time.

    To be the most up to date constantly go on the discord of mine which is linked in first comment

  6. I use My Patch ids, which are compatible with IPM and Evoweb, but if you use my own patch you’ll have the best issue free experience and with max possible faces with no issue

  7. Hi guys,

    I make a Master League, after 5 moths of 1st season my PES2020 going down after one game, simulated or not. When I return to my saved game, my PES 2020 going down again and i cannot continue my Master League.

    Any advice?

  8. Use my ultimate patch instead, it has full MLS, J1 League. MLS has loads of faces linked, all teams with stadiums and so on, while bundesliga is using same ids as evoweb and cypes. So use only the stuff you find in here that is completely standalone and working. No need to add other mods or other stuff to this. Remove any sider folder you had before.

  9. Don’t use other patches with mine addons, use always mine to have max compatibility. All you find in here is totally standalone and the most complete you can find. Don’t worry about the rest or you may experience mislinked stadiums or faces in other patches.

  10. Great patch. Thank you so much.

    I’ve found some stadiums have some issues (roof blocking camera if used any camera except live broadcast). I use dynamic wide, unfortunately camera was blocked. But I do have solution, whether I download another and replace them But I just transfered the team to nearest stadium (like Atalanta to San siro and so on..).

    Stadiums : Olympiastadion / completely white.(I Transfered International Germany to Bay Arean).
    Atleti Azzurri stadium / camera blocked by roof.
    Luigi Ferraris / camera blocked by roof.
    Paolo Mazza / camera blocked by roof.

    Everything else is really nice and perfect.

    For save file, I didn’t delete or replace mine.
    I just use both, called mine (1save) and yours (save) if I want to play offline and start from your sider.
    if I want to play online I put mine (save) and yours (2save) then start from my sider.

    Thanks again.

  11. Does this mod works with a Pes 2020 bypass version, cause I installed it and it’s broken.

  12. Hi, I installed your Patch (Great work BTW!)
    started a ML in Argentina and I have to report something about the Replay Swipe: It lasts too long! most of the times half of the replay is being lost (in offsides escpecially you never have a chance to see) I don’t know about other Leagues, haven’t tested yet, but I think it needs some fixing (to last as the Konami default) Thank you !

  13. My bundesliga and other european clubs are messed up, with kits and emblems not matching up

  14. the Id WTF¡ Anfield 033, Stanford Bridge 004?????? When you play on Stanford Bridge the comentary said Anfield and when play on anfield the comentary said Allianza Park :( really Bad

  15. is there any fix for this patch? cause the master league is crash whenever i proceed to the next season or before the end of transfer day… just to clarify that,this happen after i update with this patch..

  16. @Glasso – Same issue for me , did u install just the ultimate patch or the facepack addon as well

  17. The ultimate patch is great…but i did find something broken i play in the brasillian league for my bl and i’ve faced multiple opponent when one of there players face scan was broken…how can i fix this?

  18. @knight2002 – yeah,install both including the stadium addon.. and it’s start to crash..i thought its a bug from the game itself..but after trying to figure it out, it’s definitely the patch..

  19. Hello,
    when I extract the stadiums .rar files (40Go), it creates only the folders, without files inside.

  20. i need to connect to internet to start the game when using this patch..if i set to offline, the game would not start..any way to use this patch without internet?

  21. the patch is awesome!!! the only problem is that the patch crash in the middle of the first season in ML; i really hope there will be a fix for this problem ASAP!

  22. fantastico patch,muito obrigado,instalei tudo certo com todos os updates e actualizacoes lancadas,ja nao me da erro na ml,,funciona online mas na procura do adversario,entra no campo e vai abaixo,mas eu coloquei apenas a pasta sider no pes e utilizo uma patch da v6 para jogar online,sendo que quando jogo off uso a tal que lancaste,muito agradecido,esta exelente,para mim ,ate a data ,a melhor de todas.

  23. Any1 having commentary problems with this patch? Commentary only calls player and team names.

  24. it’s a nice patch but it has some bugs. for example Braga plays with the Sporting Lisbon uniform. in the Argentine league the logo during the matches is too slow and does not make the replays appear well.sometimes you see a few games in the dark … too bad …

  25. Keep in mind that even with the massive amount of exclusive work we created for this patch and the previous ones, and who tries them knows that, we dont lock anything in cpks. This the best real modding could give to everyone, us included, and we dont lock anything in cpks.

    So if something is not of your like, you can easily modify everything, when you have it its yours.

    We shared our work into a massive efficient collection of the best for us modding could give but take this also as a resource point, where you get all and you can modify it aswell if you need to fit your needs with it.

    Thanks! Have nice Dreams.

  26. Guys this is the best patch ever!!! Music selection, gameplay, faces, stadiums…etc. A reason for me to still continue play ePes2020. You have done a great job. Well done and Thank you!!!

  27. I have downloaded the stadium addon but when I try to extract it, WinRar says that files are corrupt. Does anybody have the same problem?

  28. hi

    i just wonder if you have another link to download because the torrent link has no seeders ? and i wonder where is the option file ( save ) ? thank you

  29. This can’t be even considered a mod, it’s a whole new game, awesome work. Leave it to the community the work the multi billionaire Konami can’t do properly.


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