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UEFA Turf For PES 2021 by guorfan


The special UEFA Turfs For PES 2021 PC by guorfan is designed for ucl matches to improve your experience, I took idea from watching UCL Classic Final 2003 Milan-Juventus.

Turf PES2021

How to install? [Download]
This special uefa turf works via AddOn system, place your AddOn folder inside a stadium next to Asset and common folder,
if you are using other addon mods add this line into your addon_config.ini

1 = Uefa_Turf Example:
1 = Uefa_Turf
2 = Net
3 = Turf

This addon works with every 009 ID Stadium, if you want this mod inside other stadium with other ID replace ID inside Uefa_Turf,
Global, Asset, model, bg, st00x and you change it to an ID which belongs to your stadium. For AddOn for ucl matches replace every stadium ID
inside every Comp ID following same root.
Please note this special turf has been made only for ucl matches or ucl final match like classic final UCL 2003 Juventus-Milan
If you want this mod only for ucl matches you must use AddOn folder, if you want to use it just for one match I recommend use Global Add0n folder
since you do not have to change every ID inside Comp ID, this is really useful if you want to use it just for a ucl final.
I hope you enjoy.

zlac Addon System
endo Used his turf as a base


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