Home Tutorials Tutorial how to insert face+hair (for example Bendtner) by [email protected]

Tutorial how to insert face+hair (for example Bendtner) by [email protected]


1/ download face
2/ select player which will be replaced
(in our case Kulic – faceslot: 900 , hairslot: 4492 )
3/ insert downloaded face into correct folder in kitserver
4/ rename face + hair file according to the kitserver rules (for more info see documentation in kitserver)
face: Face-Arsenal-Bendtner_900.bin
hair: Hair-Arsenal-Bendtner_4492.bin
5/ open editor and load Option File
6/ select player Kulic and use doubleclick on him (edit player window will appears)
7/ in edit player window select Build face mode from drop down (right-up corner) for Kulic. This step erase special face for Kulic.
8/ select player Bendtner and use doubleclick
9/ from edit player window click on relink button (right-up corner) and select face slot for “kulic” – i.e. face 900 hair 4492 and click OK button
10/ save option file and run the game


  1. Make an avatar that’s base copied from a play who has the arsene wenger face, and then use that in the ML.


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