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Tribal World Patch update 1.2 [Championship included]


Tribal PES Community … proudly presents…

Tribal World Patch update 1.2 BETA [PES 2011 – PC]

separated TWP2011.exe file
separated save folder Tribal World Patch v.2011 in My Documents
customized TWPserver


1. TWP v1.0 BETA
2. TWP v1.0 BASIC
3. TWP Update 1.1
4. TWP update 1.2 BETA [core for full version 1.3 with all 2nd Divisions + Stadiums for every league]

!!! PLEASE UPDATE THE GAME OPTION FILE TO DLC 1.01 by KONAMI from ingame or by copying the dt0f.img provided in this patch !!! OTHERWISE YOU’LL GET ERRORS !!!

!!! We considered to make update 1.2 BETA because we realised we couldn’t finish all players, in all 2nd Divisions and Europe Teams B… We have created all the necessary players, but only 40% of them have real stats, nationality, height, weight, field positions, etc. So this update 1.2 is the core for FULL 1.3. You can play this and not losing ML or BAL saves when upgrading to 1.3.

This is BETA because we didn’t had time to finish and add all 2nd Divisions and Stadiums Pack for every league. But it works perfectly as we’ve tested a few seasons in ML and BAL.

You won’t lose your ML save [all players added – new stats and nationality, skin colour, height required to add], only 2nd Divisions willb e added with completely new players… If I think it better, you might want to start a new ML or BAL because of the new players from 2nd Divisions…


1. ALL KITS FOR ALL CLUB TEAMS & NATIONAL TEAMS [except 5 teams from Asia – not enough relink bins]
2. FULL AFS Map [so you can edit the files as you like]
3. NEW EDITED and UPDATED Famous Stadiums instead of fake stadiums
5. All emblems and logos solved [no white square problems]. TWP HD Effects in Adobe Fireworks applied [thanks to Josemigol for help].
6. All Teams names solved [all mini letters] + Stadiums names [all CAPS].
7. Latest DLC 1.01 and latest Kitserver are used for full compatibility.
8. 25 Gloves Mega Pack added for you to choose your favorite gloves.
9. Mega Pack for Goalposts and Nets added for you to choose your favorite colours and designs.
10. Menu Wallpapers Mega Pack [select your favorite pictures!].
11. Full Balls Mega Pack.
12. Full Mega Boots Pack.
13. Tunnel Stadium Entrance Logos.
14. New Menu Icons by Ar2r.
15. Master League Club Ranking modified accordingly [check the UEFA Clubs Coefficients and Rankings in kitserver/img/]

+ Many other surprises.

We succesfully made Other Latin Teams as Europe Teams B [thanks to Michel W. and his hex mod]

Plus that, the new european teams are playable in Exhibition Mode, Master League Mode and Copa Libertadores Mode.

This update 1.2 will be the core for TWP Europe [so when we make next updates you will not have to restart Master League ]

!!! Metalist Harkov was added instead of Dnipro and Gent instead of Stabaek !!! – so they still have the previous teams players – to be updated.



1. Extract the Option File archive to desktop then copy the KONAMI folder in My Documents.
2. When overwrite asked, please say yes [it will not delete your saves as TWP has its own save folder]

3. Extract ALWAYS the 1st archive active [made with 7zip] to your desktop.
4. Copy the Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 folder from desktop over your game folder in Program Files.
5. Accept overwrite [no files will be lost as TWP has its own kitserver and .exe]

FIX 1 for Tribal World Patch update 1.2


!!! DLC 1.01 by KONAMI included with Tutorial for those who didn’t upgraded to version 1.01 !!!

* TWPsettings.exe added [no more problems with resolution and keyboard or joystick configuration]
* Kits for all club & national teams [except last 5 teams from Asia – no kits bins for relink]

* Complete all leagues [real, actual squads, “real” stats, real formations, real players characteristics, squad numbers, etc.]

1 – Premier League
2 – Ligue 1
3 – Serie A
4 – Eredivisie
5 – Primera Division
6 – Bundesliga [faces pack not yet included – standard faces used]

* Complete Europe Teams A [real, actual squads, “real” stats, real formations, real players characteristics, squad numbers, etc.]
* All Champions League teams included in Europe Teams A
* Complete 20 teams [real, actual squads, “real” stats, real formations, real players characteristics, squad numbers, etc.] out of 40 teams from Europe Teams B [instead of Copa Libertadores teams]
* Complete all national teams
* Teams & Players comparision chart fixed
* Real colours for supporters for most of the teams
* Items from dt0_e.img available for all languages

!!! Full Championship added as 2nd Division for Master League


Download Links MEGA PACKS [credits to their editors, not ours]:
MEGA PACK – 25 Gloves, MEGA PACK – Balls, MEGA PACK – Boots,
MEGA PACK – Goalposts & Nets, MEGA PACK – Menu Wallpapers, MEGA PACK – PC Tools




Stadiums List [Game Stadium Editor]:


*Badenova Stadion
*Bloomfield Road
*Britannia Stadium
*Celtic Park
*Chile Stadiums
*Craven Cottage
*Selhurst Park
*Delle Alpi
*El Madrigal
*Estadio Mestalla
*Vicente Calderon
*La Bombonera
*Renzo Barbera
*Signal Iduna Park [Westfalenstadion]
*St. Andrew’s
*Tivoli Stadion
*Upton Park
*Volkswagen Arena

*+ 11 Stadiums by Anhtaidatquang

Stadiums List [replace dt07.img original stadiums]:


*Anfield Road [replace KONAMI]
*Frankenstadion [replace Stadio Orione]
*Karaiskasis Stadium [replace Ville Marie Stadium]
*Partizan Stadium [replace KONAMI]
*RheinEnergieStadion [replace Bristol Mary Stadium]
*Westfalenstadion [replace El Monumental]


Tribal PES Community

1. tribal379
2. Mihai2ro1
3. alex.messi


To all of you guys who indirectly contributed to this patch by making Tools, Packs, Editing, Tutorials and all the cool stuff…

PS: We hope to finish as soon as possible the full version update 1.3 for Europe and start making both Americas… This time we give no t-minus because editing means a lot of problems and hard-work. 1-2 weeks, maybe…

!!! For those who get the error Data Conflict, please update to DLC 1.01 from ingame or copy the dt0f.img from DLC 1.01 KONAMI here C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\download [for Windows XP] and in the img folder from the game installation directory !!! Download dt0f.img from here.

What is DLC ? DLC in gaming is DownLoadable Content.

1. Automatically: In Game > Settings > Download.

2. Manually

Depending your Operating System copy here:

For Windows XP Users:

Go to Files & Folders Options and check “Show hidden files”

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\download

For Windows VISTA Users:

Go to Files & Folders Options and check “Show hidden files”

If that doesn’t work please choose the options below, too:

Show Protected Operating System Files

C:/ProgramData/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2011/download

For Windows 7 Users:

Go to Files & Folders Options and check “Show hidden files”

If that doesn’t work please choose the options below, too:

Show Protected Operating System Files

C:/ProgramData/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2011/download


  1. guys i like that you have included various teams from europe although what i want to see is all players from edited teams (e.g europe a/b teams) are corrected like their appearance and info stats

  2. you still need to correct all details of players from those re-edited teams, for example you have a team from european league A or B but their faces are not matching and basic info stats arent matching too

  3. Hello,

    I did everything you said in the installation but when i click the TWP2011.exe it won’t start? What do i wrong?

  4. Okay, let’s take 1 by 1 at a time:


    European teams B [instead of Copa Libertadores teams] are accurate only 20 of them [the rest 20 of them are still to be made complete in further fixes]

    European teams A are full & complete.

    Faces haven’t been yet updated – we a have a mega faces pack of 5000 faces & hair, but we haven’t implemented them yet [for new made teams].

  5. jj:

    You could change Game Speed for inagem menu, you can chane resolution and aspect ratio from setting.exe.

    Hope its useful.

  6. Cyril:

    Okay, that’s strange… I’ve ran the game and the logos are fine. I’ve checked the official websites and the logos are up to date…

    What do you mean by theya re wrong?

    Please be more specific…

  7. pencil

    Yes, they have white skin… Today we will improve formation and players characteristics for many Championship teams…

  8. “Hello,

    I did everything you said in the installation but when i click the TWP2011.exe it won’t start? What do i wrong?”

    Some people have this troubles…

    The TWP2011.exe and TWPsettings.exe are edited with HEX and cutom paths are included – custom kitserver, custom save folder…

    So make sure the paths are correct!

    The server must have this name: TWPserver

    The folder for TWP img must have this name: Tribal World Patch 2011

    The save folder must have this name: Tribal World Patch v.2011

    !!! And don’t forget to attach the kitserver to TWP2011.exe from TWPserver – file manager.exe !!!

    Maybe the kitserver isn’t attached!

    If all these don’t work, please copy all folders from TWPserver in the standard kitserver and the save folder files from Tribal World Patch v.2011 in standard save folder Pro Evolution Soccer 2011!

    Then go to manager.exe and attach to standard pes2011.exe.

    This will work for sure.!

  9. Hi TWP Staf,

    Thank you for you reply, still got one question, after you installed the patch and everything, do you have to copy the files from the FIX 1 for Tribal World Patch update 1.2 also or is it already included in the patch?


  10. You guyz are Awesome!!
    I’m waiting your final edition 1.3 upgrade!!
    Keep it up and thank you so much for your efforts!!

  11. In version 1.3 of the faces of players of European teams will be changed?
    Because “Rasmusen” from Brondby has face” Ronaldo “and another “Roberto Carlos “.
    Sorry for error in text. I don’t speak good english.

  12. 1st thing: great work, the patch is awesome.
    it would be great if you guys could fix the map locations for the teams. e.g. CSKA Moscow got its yellow spot in kiev :)

  13. and 2nd thing: also a great thing would be the replacement of the national flags with the logos of the national teams :)

  14. Hey guys,
    I’m wondering when the release of the final edition 1.3 upgrade is gone be??
    At this stage, none of the patch makers were able to create a full stable one!!
    We waiting, don’t make it long please!!

  15. you are incredible, bravo!
    glad you guys put more European teams
    I hope you are getting breast pes 2012 European teams


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