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TPS Patch 2010 v2.7.1


pes 2010 TPS Patch 2010 v2.7.1

Option File Features:
-Option File Updated 100% at 2010/2011 Season
-National Teams Update for FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa
-All UEFA Champions League & Europa League teams
-Updated transfers
-Compatible with KONAMI 1.07 DLC
-Added new leagues (Bundelsiga, 2.Bundelsiga, Serie B, CocaCola Championship, SudAmericans + Other Teams)
-Tot. new teams club = 261
-Added 2 new Nationals (Algerie e New Zealand)
-Added All-Star teams
-Added 6 National U21
-Updated team names, players and leagues
-Removed fake e duplicates

TPS Comand Tool features:
-Offline Patched or Online Mode
-Scoreboard Selector
-Referee kits selector
-Gloves selector
-Favourite 2nd Division in ML (SerieB, Championship, 2.Bundelsiga)
-Stadium Selector

Other Features:
-Added new leagues
-New stadiums
-More than 500 new faces
-Online Compatible 100%
-New menu songs South Africa
-New video intro Cup & Leagues
-HD Logos
-Kits Updated for all teams Club & National
-New Balls pack
-New Boots pack
-New Adboards
-Sweat Patch
-New smoke color
-New pre-match posters
-New Scoreboards
-New trainer faces
-New sponsor
-Golden Stars during the loading
-New italian call-names
-Automatic installation
…and still more…

Prerequisite & Infos:
-DirectX 9 o superior
-Codec DivX and XViD
-This patch dont overwrite other patches, but you have to remove the old TPS Patch v2.3
-Launch the setups as administrator
-For 64 bit: There are two Program Files folders (Program Files and Program Files x86). Install the patch in Program Files(x86)>destination folder.
-This patch è uninstallable from Start\Programs\Konami\TPS Patch 2010.
-If you have some problem, read the FAQs

Update 2.7 10/09/2010 + FIX 2.7.1 10/09/2010

* to use this update you need main version TPS Patch 2010 v2.4 or later.


Flavioggl, the builder of the patch;
ninuzzu, Ariel, Giorgio335, fabev, juce, [email protected], goldorakiller, Stelios, Patros46, 222, Grand Bleu, MxSonic, FrenkieSP, Andry1980, michelot94, maze32, MODY99, draco79, hicksville, gigimarulla, skurt, dartaxan, Tottimas, gkan, PES next-gen Editing Blog, Pes-Patch, pesfaces, WECN, ModdingWay and GamingAccess for the great quantity of material.
If someone has not been cited, we ask you to advise us.


  1. Can someone tell me if ive installed this right, i installed this on TPS 2.4 , is that okay??? i never tried the 2.5, 2.6 version .. i went from 2.4 to this. IS that okay?? (i hope there be’s no problems with GDB folder … since i just copied 2.7 over 2.4 and replaced.

  2. Im not getting the yellow stars, i thought i had it installed earlier.. but i guess that was 2.4 installed and the yellow stars came on that. Do i have to remove 2.4 as well? and install 2.7 all by itself? but i thought you need at least 2.4 installed for this to work?

  3. its a pitty, its got everything..the icons, nice big emblems, menu images, great stadiums .. but the gameplay is just a bit frantic..i dont know how to explain it, its not that smooth . i like to pass the ball around..at a normal speed . I dont know it feels normal in some passes..but then you have a soft touch pass that goes like 100 miles per hours to another player . Its a great patch, no doubt about it. It just needs to have a more smoother passing,shooting gameplay . If you guys could make the gameplay like the konami standard pes 2010 (after system download)with all the extra you have added ..this would be the perfect patch .

  4. Answer me on this please somebody: Why Man Utd is so unrealistic? There is no Bebe, Chicharito’s face is horrible, on his shirt says Hernandez (but its Chicharito plus poor speed, acceleration and attack, average 66!!!), why on Ji Sung Park’s shirt says JISUNG!!! it should be J.S.PARK, and how Ferdinand have better defence than Vidic (96-90), why is Valencia AMF, he is RMF, O’Shea and Brown are RB preffered, but not here, why Trezeguet have 97 attack and Berbatov just 88, why Rooney have JUMP just 71!!!, why the best LB in the world Evra is so poor (average 74!!!), why AC Milan is so strong on scale and so and so etc…? Please answer.

  5. Mickey. Please go to PES 2010 NeoSeeker.Berbatov is suppose to be 88 attack anyways. This guy who made this patch prob got his info from PES 2010 NeoSeeker.

  6. Yes, you must be a Chelsea fan? ;-) Evra all the way :-)
    Chelsea also should be stronger than Milan and Real which is not the case here.

  7. BrN, thanks, I know that. I must correct myself: Berbatov is OK but some other players who didn’t deserve to be good are unrealistic (Ibrahimovic, Trezeguet, Robinho, Kaka etc.) We can edit players as we wish, but what is the point of the patch then when they don’t know what says on shirts of some players (Park, Chicharito). Cheers

  8. I have a probleme too,in La Liga and Other teams the last team is Austria,what’s wrong? and before this team,two teams got wrong emblem


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