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[Tool] PES Ftex Converter by Devil Cold52


[PES 2021 Tool] PES Ftex Converter V2 by Devil Cold52

You can convert ftex to dds to dds to ftex with this program.
all you have to do is drop the files on the ftex or dds panel in the program.
This program does not convert DX10 formats to other formats dxt5 dxt1 etc …
it just extracts the dds inside the ftex files.

Download PES Ftex Converter

How to use (convert from FTEX to DDS)

1: Open the Program.
2: Drag and drop the ftex file onto the FTEX panel.
3: will be created dds in the where the ftex is located.

How to use (convert from DDS to FTEX)

1: Open the Program.
2: Select your ftex version found at the top of the program.
3: Drag and drop the dds file onto the DDS panel.
4: will be created ftex in the where the dds is located.

Ftex Converter V2 Features:

*Added to Texture converter

convert to dds
FROM .png .jpg .bmp .dds .tga TO DDS (DXT1,RGBA,DXT1NormalMap,DXT1BinaryAlpha,DXT3,DXT5,DXT5NormalMap,ATI1,ATI2-3DC)

convert to png
FROM .png .jpg .bmp .dds .tga TO png (8bits (Indexed),24bits,32bits,Normal bits)

*Fixed DDS normal mipmap
*Removed “created_” or “extracted_” part
*added menu bar to use plugins
*minor bugs fixed

NOTE : I’m using obfusactor, to secure codes. That’s why there is false positivity, the program is completely safe.

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Author : By Devil Cold52

Thank You : NVTextureCompress and Atvaark For ftextool github source.


  1. I think this one’s not working right with me, every time I try to convert a converted .dds file from the app (used to convert .ftex to .dds) to a .png, I get an error. Don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if it is the program, since it’s a BETA.

  2. It does not work, something is bad in this tool. When trying to convert to ftex, convert everything into ftex.

  3. Error may be due to dds file being DX10+ and not all dds to png converter convert dds DX10+ type. Open dds file with note pad.. read first lines to see what type the dds file is. If it’s DXT5 then it should convert with any converter. But if it’s DX10+ format then you’l need a converter that supports DX10/DX11.

  4. Does anyone know a fix to this or at least another alternative we can use for PES 19? Since it’s a beta, is this going to be updated?

  5. Ciao a tutti
    Ho scaricato questo programma ma me lo riconosce come un trojan. A qualcuno di voi è capitata la stessa cosa?
    Grazie a chi mi rispondrà


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