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The Worldpes Patch 2 version by Zamalkawy_kimozxkimoz


The first update for Empires
The Worldpes Patch

Important Note:: we do not use any patch of the current versions
As some have done in their use of human and Patch Nike Pace

Features Albach
1 – correct the mistakes of the first release
2 – Add more than 24 new shoes for the game, including shoe star Messi and Ronaldo
3 – Squad numbers correct
4 – Most of the teams changed crews and the addition of crews and many have multiple
Noticeable (for the change between Tqmin click on the number one KeyBoard)
5 – this sets the Egyptian league quite perfectly
6 – teams with the latest update crews crews have
7 – this sets Asia teams after the tournament and teams of the continent of Africa
8 – Adding a truly global encouragements for most teams, the difference
(Such as Real Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea and Barcelona, ​​Spain, England and Aitaleaoalaadid of teams)
9 – interaction with the public every move and skill do star
10 – Update Alskobord announcements and advertisements Patch Modi
11 – change the background of the login of the game and backgrounds to the game completely Pro 2011
12 – this transfer to March 8 depending on my website
KoOoRA.CoM, Goal.CoM
13 – add zamalek riyal Alexander and zamalek Barcelona Messisa
14 – this is too much of the global and emerging faces and the faces of the Egyptian league
15 – add to the real World Cup game



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