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The PES 2021 Gameplay Mod by Holland


The ePES 2021 Gameplay Mod by Holland:

Fixed and corrected many of the problems present in previous versions, I consider this as the best base where to build and model the gameplay of PES 2021 in the best possible way.
I really gave it my all and I hope it will be the best football experience for you.

my PES gameplay 2021

MY PES 2022 FIXED – Version 1.07.00Video Preview

Fixed the contrasts, now there are no more stupid falls.
Fixed some goalkeeper animations.
Increased errors in CPU assisted passes.

MY PES 2022 FIXED – Version 1.07.00 from mega or sharemods

Gameplay MY PES 2022 – V1.07.00/1.06.00/1.05.00/1.04.01 + Preview

New MOD GAMEPLAY where I disabled some addresses related to KONAMI gameplay.
What you will see on the field is nothing more than a new GP without chains and freer,
where you will have the greatest possibility of maneuvering and building the action.
The other changes concern the strengthening of the goalkeepers and the greater difficulty
in the realization of free kick.

MY PES 2022 – Version 1.07.00 or sharemods
MY PES 2022 – Version 1.06.00
MY PES 2022 – Version 1.05.00
MY PES 2022 – Version 1.04.01

Pro Master League Gameplay PES 2021

GAMEPLAY MOD PES 2021 – PRO MASTER LEAGUE – Version 1.07.00 + Preview


New MOD GAMEPLAY to guarantee a completely different experience in the Master League.
Now the matches are read as if we were playing friendlies, which is not
involves a loss of challenge that always remains, but allows you to play your own
play differently without that pressure and pre-calculated games typical of the Master.
The dynamics are different and new, it is a completely revolutionary gameplay in this respect

which should guarantee you the longevity that we wanted so much in a competition like this.


Is it valid for all difficulty levels?

Can I continue the current Master?

How does it distinguish itself from the other GP?

Is it enough just to replace the files with the original ones?

I have the impession that he doesn’t read the mod to me, how can I be sure?

Can I replace the dt18_all with another one?

PES 2021 PRO MASTER LEAGUE – Version 1.07.00
PES 2021 PRO MASTER LEAGUE – Version 1.06.00
PES 2021 PRO MASTER LEAGUE – Version 1.05.00
PES 2021 PRO MASTER LEAGUE – Version 1.04.01

Final Gameplay PES 2021

GAMEPLAY MOD PES 2021 – FINAL EDITION – Version 1.07.00 + Preview

Gameplay that I explicitly wanted to create from scratch for the LEGEND level.
Let me be clear …………. it is also feasible for lower levels and it is a pleasure to play it
because I intervened on many addresses related to the script, this was
the first phase of the work where among other things, a few days ago, I discovered a string
within the exe that referred to repeated defeats at particular moments
of the Master.
Later I worked on the aggressiveness of the cpu, making sure that it does not press
excessively leaving you room to maneuver, and finally as I usually do, I settled
the physics of the ball because it is always subject to minimal variations based on the various addresses
that I was touching.

I consider this gameplay by far the best I’ve ever done in the arc of the year,
his character actresses are, for those who don’t know me, dictated by a slow and reasoned rhythm where
the construction of the actions take precedence over the frenzy and repeated conclusions.

I would like to point out that I do not accept requests about it simply because I created it
specifically based on personal tastes, except changes of versions with previous DLCs.

This is the latest mod for PES 2021, I hope you enjoyed it and enjoyed it
finally full of this fantastic video game.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone for your support over these months.

FINAL EDITION – Version 1.04.01
FINAL EDITION – Version 1.05.00
FINAL EDITION – Version 1.06.00
FINAL EDITION – Version 1.07.00

PES 2021 Fusion Gameplay Mod by Holland

GAMEPLAY MOD PES 2021 – FUSION for Legend level – V1.05.00/1.06.00 + Preview

New gameplay mod born from the fusion of LIVE FOOTBALL MATCH V2 and INFINITY V2 for LEGEND mode.
Obviously you can choose any level, but know that the mod was born and tested exclusively for the highest level
and guarantee a challenge without that vanilla-level frustration.
I also intervened on the tactics and specifically I made sure that the last red mark was read as if it were still the first,
in order to no longer have those unnatural imbalances of the cpu in the offensive phase.
I also worked on the addresses related to the teamstamp to see if we can make sure that nothing is stored in the time folder
and make sure that the gameplay does not change while the master is in progress.

FUSION – Version 1.06.00 on mega or sharemods
FUSION – Version 1.05.00

PES 2021 Gameplay Infinity Mod

GAMEPLAY MOD PES 2021 – INFINITY 2 – V1.05.00/1.06.00 + Preview


Watch the demonstration video

INFINITY 2 – Version 1.05.00
INFINITY 2 – Version 1.06.00

GAMEPLAY MOD PES 2021 – INFINITY – Version 1.05.00/1.06.00 + Video Preview


Ball physics:
Ball friction decreased

Long distance shot increased

Ball physics revised
Decreased the pace of play
Passing speed decreased
Ball speed decreased
Improved CPU / Human AI
Players position themselves more intelligently on the pitch
CPU that prefers the construction of the maneuver, forget the first swaps in speed
GK greatly improved
Mark the various speeds of movement
Greater density in midfield
Dramatically improved dribbling
Greater fluidity
Greater righteousness
Fewer tracks
Improved collisions

GK greatly improved
AI cpu, team movements, readings, positions on the field,
dynamism and overlaps are part of the improvement you will notice,
the same goes for those of ours managed by the CPU.
Increased freedom, as well as randomness
Speed but above all acceleration are more marked,
now standing still you can really leave the opponent in place more than before.
The defenses cover better, now you will see how the team returns compactly without leaving spaces,
the closer you get to their defense, the more they tend to cover, but without the hassle of pressing that doesn’t make you think
now you can also keep the ball on the edge or enter if you are inside without that pressure
because I also worked on pressing, don’t worry that the challenge remains high.

Let’s say that I did a very special job because my attention, as mentioned above,
it is based exclusively on the AI of the game, I state that the best news is to see that there is no form of scripting,
despite not having worked on any relative address,
demonstrating that it can be drastically reduced by working with only the movements in the field.

INFINITY – Version 1.05.00
INFINITY – Version 1.06.00


LIVE FOOTBALL MATCH V2 Update + Video Preview Changelog

E-HARD (High Challenge Level for Free Kicks)
E-DEFAULT (Default challenge level for free kicks)

CPU duel success rate decreased
Ball bounce decreased
Passing speed decreased
Shot power increased


Ball physics:
Ball friction decreased, now better balanced than V1.

This V2 restores slower gameplay than the previous update, where you notice one
more power shot without losing the heaviness, as it remained that of
players on the field. The teams continue to be well characterized because
respect the stat of the players who with higher value will make the difference.

LIVE FOOTBALL MATCH V2 Update – Version 1.05.00 from mega or sharemods
LIVE FOOTBALL MATCH V2 Update – Version 1.04.01 from mega or sharemods
LIVE FOOTBALL MATCH V2 Update – Version 1.03.00 from mega

PES 2021 Update of the LIVE FOOTBALL MATCH

LIVE FOOTBALL MATCH V1 Update + Video Preview


First Update of the LIVE FOOTBALL MATCH where I reviewed some aspects:
Having made free-kicks more difficult, it is now not enough to just have a good shooter
but our skills make the difference, the same goes for the cpu where it will have
more difficulty in scoring.
Now the relationship between fouls suffered and goals scored from a free kick is well balanced.
Improved sprint and speed, now the high stat are felt, take meters
the opponent is now possible, if you have a good compromise between
stamina-speed-acceleration-dribbling will be one of the greatest pleasures.

Ball physics:
Rebound decreased
Speed decreased
Increased the friction of the ball, now you have to calculate the loading well and dose it well,
but finally you will no longer see the ball come out after that endless run and come out
from the field.
Increased the AI dribble reaction time
Decreased the reaction time in receiving a pass to the cpu.

Download LIVE FOOTBALL MATCH V1 Update – V1.05.00 from mega or sharemods.

LFM Gameplay PES2021


New gameplay MOD that will give you that freedom, freshness and fun never seen before.
A new experience that will allow you to FINALLY play WITHOUT ANY TRACE OF SCRIPT !!!
Not only will the script not be present, but I’ve also made sure that the cpu just doesn’t phrasing more with exchanges than before to get to the area immediately, but build intelligently looking for the right spaces and surprising you with more varied solutions. you will seem to face a human instead of a machine, the situations on the pitch are something never seen before in terms of realism, all surrounded by an excellent physics of the ball that I had to review.
With this GP I have reached the highest peak so far, and that’s why I decided to stop and fully enjoy this fantastic simulation.

Download LIVE FOOTBALL MATCH – Version 1.04.01 from mega or sharemods.
Download LIVE FOOTBALL MATCH – Version 1.05.00 from mega or sharemods.

Following numerous requests, I leave the link if you decide to make a small donation, know that they will be greatly appreciated Click Here.

The PES 2021 Gameplay Mod


Changelog: GP worked exclusively for those who want to do a LEGEND Masters.

MY PERSONAL GAMEPLAY – Version 1.05.00
MY PERSONAL GAMEPLAY – Version 1.04.01 from mega or sharemods
MY PERSONAL GAMEPLAY – Version 1.04.00 from mega or sharemods

Personal Gameplay PES2021


New MOD gameplay where I entered addressess related to the DEMO of PES 2021, but also going
to remove as many binaries as possible making sure that the cpu has almost the same difficulties as ours
under construction.
It will happen that you will have to select a second player because the ball will not be won by the direct
There really is everything !!!
Physicality, tackles, fouls, penalties, dribbling, low scores, challenge, pace …
It is a GP for those who love the construction of the maneuver and think ball and chain, certainly not suitable
for those looking for a more immediate GP where just press a button to go to the network.
I also worked heavily on the SCRIPT in different ways, modifying some addresses inside
of the exe to ensure that a certain balance is maintained throughout the competition,
I really hope to make your experience as enjoyable as possible and as less frustrating as possible.

GAMEPLAY DEMO 2021 UNOFFICIAL from mega or sharemods.
GAMEPLAY MOD PES 2021 Version 1.04.01 – DCM 2 + VIDEO PREVIEW
DEMO PES 2021 UNOFFICIAL – Version 1.05.00


New MOD gameplay that is structurally based on the first DCM, where I have reviewed some aspects and fixed some errors.
I mainly spoke on:

Difficulty of the game
Lost balls
Controlo ball
Passing and shooting errors

I also changed some addressess related to the “pre-established” result changes in the second half
I also made sure that the Master Legue read as if it were Championship mode, with
the hope that during the Master there will be no striking changes as it still happens today.
The DT18 has also been revised for the positions on the field.

It is a GP where the challenge is much higher than before and which results in lower results, you may have to
go down a level because the search for space is much more complex but certainly more satisfying.
It is not an immediate gameplay, on the contrary … it needs a reasoned construction to try to go to the net,
but the rewards are immense because your skills will make the difference.

To be sure that you read that change where “presumably” the game reads the championship mode instead of the master league you have to create a master from scratch … then we’ll see whether it will take effect or was it a hole in the water.

DCM 2 – Version 1.04.01 or sharemods.


New MOD gameplay where more aspects of the gameplay have been revised that consecrate it in absolute as the best MOD I have ever made.
Firstly, the absence of the script, you will now be able to play in the rivalries and games where KONAMI has decideda predetermined result without noticing any forcing.
Also revised the cursor change which now takes on an unprecedented response.
Another fundamental improvement is the addition of some values of the DEMO of PES 2021 as well as of the Trainer Mode inside the exe, not only …  I also made sure that the games VS the cpu were read as if we were playing VS a human.
In addition, both the reactivity of our players and the fluidity of the maneuver have been greatly improved.
All surrounded as always by a good number of fouls and penalties as long as the whole MOD is used in full.
Know that I am not responsible for the result if you make any changes between the files.

DCM – Version 1.04.01 (Last update 28/02/2021 Headers fixed) [or from sharemods]


New MOD gameplay where we try to give a different playability,
fresh and as free from scripts as possible while maintaining the basic characteristics of the other GP.


IL CALCIO – Version 1.04.01 on mega or sharemods
IL CALCIO – Version 1.04.00 on mega or sharemods
IL CALCIO – Version 1.03.00 on mega or sharemods

GAMEPLAY MOD PES 2021 Version 1.04.00 – FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS | Preview

Completely new and revised gamepaly where I worked on the real address causing the script.
Now the matches are much more natural where the CPU will play with unprecedented humanity.
The new challenge that presents itself to you is no longer dictated by forcing but by the skills of your players
and above all from your skill.
I created more density in the midfield by tightening I repaired and increased the compactness,
now the challenge becomes more interesting because to use to turn the ball and build to get to the net.
The physics of the ball is still revised
Fouls and penalties present as in all my GP.

FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS – Version 1.03.00 from mega or [sharemods]
FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS – Version 1.04.00 from mega or [sharemods]

Gameplay Football Champions Definitive Edition – Version 1.04.00Preview

General improvements such as greater freedom in the field due to the less presence of tracks. Slightly slower pace than the first version, now you have the option after a contrast to recover the ball immediately despite being at a disadvantage, and no longer always in favor of the CPU.
Unprecedented fluidity and reactivity, you will be able to do what you want, recover impossible balls, jumping opponents like pins, anticipating them without any kind of delay … you will NEVER feel suffering from the CPU in this respect, you will have a COM that does not exist it will stress more when you are ball and chain, but without losing the challenge as if it were one friendly game, well … try it and I guarantee you will have fun like never before.


FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS – Version 1.03.00

HOLLAND FINAL SOCCER – Version 1.03.00 | Video Preview Here

New gameplay mod where for the first time I made sure that the Master matches
were read as friendlies without, however, losing the challenge, in such a way as to make
the cpu even more human.

HOLLAND FINAL SOCCER – Version 1.03.00 from mega or [sharemods]

GAMEPLAY MOD PES 2021 Version 1.03.00 – New Project V1 Update – 15.01Preview

Before installing the mod you need to check for files damaged by Steam;
Also, don’t forget to backup your DPFileList.bin file,
as Steam will replace it with the original Konami file and your patches will stop working.
Then backup and then replace the file, or create a new one using DPFileList Generator.

THANKS To crustcyb for the suggestion.


First Update for the New Project version with the presence of only the EXE since dt 18_all
it’s the same as the previous version, where I reviewed some aspects including the script
that had not been deepened in the first version and other improvements
general that improve the experience.

New Project V1 Update- Version 1.03.00 from mega [or sharemods]

GAMEPLAY MOD PES 2021 Version 1.03.00 – New Project – 09.01 – Video Preview


New gameplay mod born from a new processing of the obtained addresses
from HexWorkshop and reported on x64dbg, more difficult to explain than to work with,
but you only think about playing and enjoying a truly REVOLUTIONARY GP.
Words are not enough.

Before installing the mod it is necessary to verify the files corrupted by Steam

New Project – Version 1.03.00 [or sharemods]

Game Speed -3 [Video Preview]


Gp born from the merger of the 3 previous versions:


The rhythm is much more staid, particularly suitable for those who use manual settings because
in assisted can be too easy.
I strongly advise against using the R1 and playing with the left analog, I understand that it is a very GP
particular … but once you get the hang of it you will appreciate it more than you think.
My opinion is a GP for very few people for the reasons just mentioned, I hope to make you happy
that small number of users who love walking ball and chain and building their own game with their heads held high.

My Personal Gameplay – Game speed -3 Version 1.03.00

My Personal Gameplay V1 V2


New gameplay mod designed to give the cpu a more human attitude during matches,
I intervened and then modded some addresses with hexadecimal values that allow
to the CPU to have a more real and varied behavior like in a football match.

The GP is characterized by 2 versions:

V1 is gameplay more suited for assistance
V2 is more suitable for the full manual

Each version has 2 different values for the Shoot Power
0.85 (default)
0.78 to give more power

My Personal Gameplay V1 V2 Version 1.03.00

Final Pro Evolution 3

Guys, since this morning I can’t get away from this GP, it’s an unprecedented drug !!!
Too bad that I am without adsl and I can not shoot some games … ABSURD !!!!

GAMEPLAY MOD PES 2021 Version 1.03.00

As a dear friend of mine said, this is the best Christmas present we could wish for, it is the football we have been waiting for for a long time, it is by far the best GP I have ever attended, yes … assisted and not modded, because in reality it is the vanilla, I have done nothing but make the red tactics in the offensive phase of the cpu unusable, in short, it is the vanilla without boots.
Do you remember when I spoke that they had the game as good as ready but that it was only unlocked by intervening on some addresses … but the right ones though !!!!
In fact there are only 2, and the shoot power where I increased the shooting power, nothing more.
When you try it, you will give up everything and never remove it from your directory … promised !!!!


New gameplay mod based solely on the change in the offensive tactics (RED) of the cpu
which caused the forcing and the red notch boost.
Revised the physics of the ball giving now the possibility of more power in the shots from outside.

Holland’s FINAL PRO EVOLUTION 3 Version 1.03.00


Final Pro Evolution 2

IMPROVED [see on youtube]

Gameplay based on mix V 5.2 and FINAL PRO EVOLUTION

Holland’s FINAL PRO EVOLUTION 2 Version 1.02.00
Holland’s FINAL PRO EVOLUTION 2 Version 1.03.00

Final Pro Evolution

IMPROVED [see on youtube]

General improvements of the FINAL EVOLUTION version
Modified the address related to the memory of the file system inside the exe,
with the hope that the GP will remain unchanged while the Master is in progress.

Holland’s FINAL PRO EVOLUTION Version 1.02.00
Holland’s FINAL PRO EVOLUTION Version 1.03.00

Final Evolution


Improved fluidity and responsiveness
Now you have a better player response!!!


Gameplay Mod PES 2021 V5

Fixed and corrected many of the problems present in previous versions, I consider this V5 as the best base where to build and model the gameplay of PES 2021 in the best possible way, for this reason I decided to open a new Thread, where you can update it to each KONAMI DLC and fix all those aspects if needed.
I really gave it my all and I hope it will be the best football experience for you.


Ball physics
Stats respected
Head shots
Fouls and Penalties
Speed and Sprint
IA player movement
No script
Human CPU
Ball protection
Unpredictability and Randomness


Improved the Legend level
More CPU switching errors
Major proposition of players managed by the Human cpu / CPU
Fouls increased
Increased the error in high levels
Turn off rivalries
Reduced offensive CPU pressure
LuaScript disabled
Adaptive IA disabled
Decreased lethality on free kicks
Reduced CPU strength in red notch


Improved some aspects of the GP compared to V5.1, working on the script
and implementing some PES 2013 hexadecimal values.

I wanted to thank:
guorfan for the reporting of PES 2013
rayden76 for helping me test the exe for IT issues

IMPROVED Holland Personal Gameplay

This custom version has been largely worked out by editing
only the values related to the script, as I intervened heavily
on the “Prediction Frame”.
Revised the pace of play and the physics of the ball.

GAMEPLAY MOD PES 2021 Version 1.01.01 V5

GAMEPLAY MOD PES 2021 Version 1.01.01 V5.1

GAMEPLAY MOD PES 2021 Version 1.02.00 V5.2 (including PES 2013 hexadecimal values)

V5.2 (1.01.01) Adapted DLC 1.02.00

Holland Personal Gameplay

Thanks everyone for your feedback!!!


  1. Was very sceptic about a gameplay mod,however i decided to give this a go.
    This really improves gameplay :) great job.

  2. i like vanilla version but feel like GK is too good??
    would it be possible for you to make gk weak ??????

  3. i loved 1.01.01 v5.1. its really great.
    only one thing i didnt love is ball speed..
    feels like ball speed is decreased while passing and shooting.
    can you make a new dt with vanilla ball speed(passing and shooting)??

  4. 5.2 version exe doesnt work for me on cpy. anyone knows how to fix? does putting cpk change things too?

  5. Nice to see the improvements you made in the game

    I wonder why there aren’t any newgen mods, I like to play Master League but to see a full grown 16 years old afther a few years it prevents me from playing to long.
    In fifa its not perfect but at least you don’t see the same faces in newgens. Is it possible to make the newgens system more like Fifa?

    Dynamic growth should also be something for in ML, in pes it doesnt matters what you archieve afther a season for the player growth and thats weird.

  6. Hello, thanks for the patch.
    I get an error when launching PES.exe
    Probably compatible only with the steam version?
    Is there anyway that it could be launched with sider?
    Would maybe run with any version.

    Btw, what exactly are doing respectively the dll and the exe?

  7. Hello,
    Any plan to use it with sider?
    It would be compatible with any version of the game.

  8. Why don’t you fix bullshit goalkeeper passing to players nearby after missed shot? That happens in maybe 10% of the situations in real footbal…

  9. Every single fucking contact is a foul, even my PC-controlled players do fouls inside the area, I’m so done with this

  10. Hello,

    For many gameplay modes (PES 2021), the DLC 4 exe file is not attached. Or is it enough to just copy the dt18_all.cpk file to the DATA folder?

    No updated 1.04.01 is added to PES2021.exe file in this case too -> PES 2021 Gameplay Mod Version 1.04.00.

  11. feedback regarding the latest version: LIVE FOOTBALL MATCH GAMEPLAY.
    Well, definitely there are some changes to the gameplay, e.g. the CPU spam long pass less often, or CPU has multiple approaches to attack now, etc.. which is really nice.
    But the statement “to FINALLY play WITHOUT ANY TRACE OF SCRIPT !!!” is far inaccurate.
    To be honest, I don’t really care how CPU play: overpower, repetitive style, immuned by the referee, etc… Those things are out of my control anyway therefore I don’t care.
    The only thing that matter inside the “script” is KONAMI will mess up your control of player: i.e. you can’t control the player as how it should be. KONAMI break the control, and call it “difficulty”. The higher is the difficulty level, the more broken is the control. You can’t switch to right player, you can’t make your player run normally (CPU will always pull the player toward opponents at first few steps during attack, or pull you away from opponents during defense), etc…
    All of those things are still there… so saying to play without the trace of script is overstatement.

  12. CPY version here – the .exe file stop game from launching – is copying the dt18_all.cpk file enough to make this work ?

    Make a CPY version please, thanks

  13. Thanx for sharing the patch, which I use for some time now. With your newest version, scripting is back again, and it is very big now. As leo wrote, the script is influencing the control of my players, and this is a “no go”. Do you have any solution for this?

  14. The new patch definetly doen´t work well in offline mod. CPU is just playing long, high balls. Very boring!!

  15. Many things are better now, thanks for that. But scripting is still very strong.

  16. My feedback for Live football match V2 is just that it is TOO SLOW! Reponsiveness of players are decreased, it really annoyed me. It takes ages for a defender to react to a loose ball. I switched back to the 1.05 normal version and everything is much more responsive. I think I will stick to that one. Thanks for the mod :)

  17. Thanx for sharing, but I am also back to the original exe. May you have put too much in it. And scripting was never out.

  18. As many people mentioned, Infinity version is really a mess, everything is broken….

  19. Ok Holland,

    Good mod, only problem Legend Strikers score all LONG SHOTS. It’s insane.

  20. Thanks for sharing your mod. Without it, ML would be much more unrealistic and scripted. Very good work-:).

  21. Thank you Holland, I haven’t played the game without your mod because I heard it’s bad so I didn’t even bother. But, it’s much much better than PES 2019, so that’s a great sign. Amazing work bro

  22. I have problem with cpy version.This mod in running with copy version or not? I readed this comment but i don`t seen any answer.

  23. after copying the new exe file i cant start the game i dont have the original game i m playing through a copy version.please help!


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