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Team Editor Manager 2017 v2.3 by lagun-2


Team Editor Manager 2017 v2.3 by lagun-2

Download Team Editor Manager 2017

General Features:

Edit the file .bin:
– Player.bin
– PlayerAssignement.bin
– Team.bin
– Country.bin
– Tactics.bin
– TacticsFormation.bin

– Reading of all Players in the files
– Name
– Shirt name
– Nationality

– Reading of all Teams in the files
– Name

Teams Transfers
– Transfers players (Also with Drag&Drop Function)
– Search players by name
– Change player’s number in team
– Change player’s name in team
– Change player’s shirt name in team

Drag&Drop Function
– Transfers player between teams
– Transfers player from all player’s list
– Remove player in formation
– Move player in formation

Teams Formation
– Change formations (Custom, Offensive and Defensive)
– Change Position of player
– Changing formations quickly by selecting the module
– Change player’s position in team with a click
– Change kickers

players + teams [CSV]

Extra Features:
– unzlib/zlib file [PC] – Pes 14/15/16/17

– Check for updates
– info in the case of help
– New design
– Improve tool

Check the folder “Docs” (you can find the folder in tool’s folder)


Password: lagun-2

Designed and developed by lagun-2
special thanks to smeagol75 because he was very important for the development of Team Editor Manager 2016
unzlib/zlib by sxsxsx
Mohamed Alaa for PC Database and PS3 Database



  1. how can i use it? i cant find them:
    – Player.bin
    – PlayerAssignement.bin
    – Team.bin
    – Country.bin
    – Tactics.bin
    – TacticsFormation.bin

  2. how we will use it?
    which folder will we select?
    we dont know them please explain for us
    and does it work for demo?

  3. After you create the profile then edit,and save..you will fine Team Editor Folder where you save..you need rename that folder as you want then make cpk file..put cpk file in download folder(pes 2017) generate dpfilelist bin..find tutorial on youtube

  4. Then what? after editing the players and you save, then what? It doesn’t affect the game or the players in the game. I also tried making the folder into a cpk file after editing. I added the file to the download folder in the game directory and updated with DpFileList but when I open the game, nothing has changed. the players remain the same. I wish the uploader will explain how to use this in full instead of us guessing the next steps and messing up the game. Thanks in advance


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