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Nets Mod For PES 2021 by Durandil


Nets Mod (Beta Version 0.5) by Durandil PES

Presentation & Features

✅ This mod allows you to choose 4 new types of nets modifying both shapes and physics.
✅ Mod 100% compatible with any version of your PES 2021, provided you use the sider module.

Nets Mod PES 2021

PES 2021 Netsound Mod By D.A.A


The PES 2021 Netsound Beta Mod By D.A.A was released 22 Feb in 4 types – with 50%, 75%, 80% and 100% volume.

PES 2021 Netsound Mod

PES 2021 New Net Sounds by guorfan


The PES 2021 new net sounds by guorfan mod will allow you to choose between 19 different net sounds for your pes 2021. I took idea from flokiman and SoulBallZ really nice work with first version, I think this had much potential to increase number of different options to choose.

PES2021 Net Sound Mod

PES 2021 Nets Mod by guorfan


PES 2021 New Nets Mod and Custom Logos by guorfan. This new mod will add new different kind of nets in goals for your pes 2021, you can see them below, with 17 combinations included:

Tight_squares_net Tight_squares_black_net
Hexagonal_nets Green_hexagonal_net

-Black squares