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The PES 2021 Gameplay Mod by Holland


The ePES 2021 Gameplay Mod by Holland:

Fixed and corrected many of the problems present in previous versions, I consider this V5 as the best base where to build and model the gameplay of PES 2021 in the best possible way.
I really gave it my all and I hope it will be the best football experience for you.

PES 2021 Fusion Gameplay Mod by Holland

PES 2021 Liberty Gameplay by tdth


The PES 2021 Liberty Gameplay v1.0 by tdth. I have created new gameplay to address many scripted issues in PES 2021 such as:

  • Control: heavy, not responsive button. Prevent KONAMI from constantly injecting its own control to interfere with your play.
  • Cursor change: totally messed up, can’t change to the player you want.
  • Through pass: too much power, and too far away from your intended recipient.

PES 2021 Liberty Gameplay by tdth

PES 2021 eSim REALISTIC Gameplay Mod


The “eSim” REALISTIC Gameplay Mod for PES 2021 2.0 by tufkar84 is a tweaked dt18 file.

I am sharing not only the dt18, but also the common folder for those who use the Gameplay Loader.

The MAIN goal of the mod is to basically make the gameplay even more a simulation, getting rid of arcady stuff like PERFECT accuracy or DEEP LINES that make the game easier and funnier for some people, but not people like me. I want the closest possible thing to a football match: very tight, very slow, but with bursts, since we are talking about TOP athletes.

1) having a more compact shape:
Width has been lowered, defensive line has been raised, but not all the time.

2) slowing off the ball players:
I have changed a few values that seem to have an impact on this, but the effect on the gameplay really changes from game to game and from team to team, so not easy to be sure about this.

PES 2021 eSim REALISTIC Gameplay Mod

PES 2021 GamePlays For PC by incas36


– Pes Golden: (my favourite) in whitch the (in)famous Team Spirit will be the same for human and for CPU players so ALL wil be balanced and stats will REALLY matter (nomore fast players wil be reached by slow ones, your fast forwards with high stats in dribbling and ball control will be a REAL danger for CPU defence, battle for ball will never be win by CPU, etc.). You know when you play Exhibition? Well you’ll play a normal ML like you play in exhibition (and better too, for me!). SCRIPT? FORGET IT!

PES Golden Mod 2021

– Pes Silver: with mixed Levels (starting from Regular to Legend), some script will be there, but very small.

PES 2021 Gameplay Mod V4.0 by Lewpop


The latest PES 2021 Gameplay Mod Version 4.0 by Lewpop has been released.

FYI: If you’ve tested version 3.7, this is very similar aside from a few tweaks to make the game feel better (dribbling, response times, line lengths etc.). Unfortunately, there’s a few things about DP2 that I don’t particularly like, which is odd considering all the good feedback I had heard… But this should help a little hopefully!

PES 2021 Gameplay Mod V4 by Lewpop

PES 2021 Gameplay Football is Life S1 by Pesssever


The PES 2021 Gameplay Football is Life S1 by Pesssever Features:

More real goalkeepers;
CPU with less cheating;
More realistic match pace;
Greater fluidity in movements;
Tighter ball control depending on the player (stats).

PES 2021 Gameplay Football is Life S1

Includes two versions:
– a slightly more aggressive one for assisted play
– another one more oriented to full manual
(you can use both in the way you like best)

PES 2021 Gameplay Mod Version 3.5 by Lewpop


What it’s new in 3.5 : ball physics should be improved, as well as the CPU being less overpowering in the tackle and in the penalty area. Also made a couple of adjustments to make the CPU build up through short passes a bit better, though they still attempt too many long balls; the AI can be a little passive at times.

PES 2021 Gameplay Mod V3.5 by Lewpop

dt18 Gameplay Mod For PES 2021 by gabe.paul.logan


The dt18 gameplay mod For PES 2021 by gabe.paul.logan

Changelog V1:

dt18 Gameplay Mod For PES 2021

PES 2021 Gameplay Patch by IPM Italians Pes Modders Team


PES 2021 Gameplay Patch by IPM Italians Pes Modders Team!

Version 17.09: dt18_all PES 2021 Season Update – change Fouls and Penalties only, not the gameplay – yet.


dt18 all PES 2021

PES 2021 Gameplay Mod by Lewpop


Lewpop’s Gameplay Mod (PES 2021) Updated 2020-09-16.

Main Changes:
Removed pass assistance on ground passes (X/A)
Manual users will like this hopefully – I’ve removed pass support on ground passes. This works well as PES applies a certain level pass ‘correction’ even when pass support is set to off, so it actually feels more akin to a pass support 0.5 (or maybe 0.3 I guess). Lobbed passes and through balls remain as normal.

PES 2021 Gameplay Mod V1