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Enhanced PES 2020 AI+Ball Physics by Ameobinho


[Mod] Enhanced PES 2020 AI and Ball Physics For PC

Ameobinho: I’ve been trying to tweak PES 2020 gameplay for the last month or so, and I think that I’ve fixed most of the issues with the game and it is at an incredible state after DLC 8.

Fouls/Physicality are present
AI varied and intelligent
Ball physics tweaked
Team/Player ID visible

Download Enhanced AI Mod PES2020

It has transformed my game into the most realistic football game I’ve ever played.

PES 2020 GAB GP New V1 For PC


eFootball PES 2020 GAB Gameplay New Version 1 For PC

– Players are more responsive (stop and start animations quicker thus you can dribble quicker)
– Pass speed slowed down compared to the vanilla speed a bit ( tried to get more interceptions without having horribly slow passing)
– Players might take a bit more time to trap a difficult ball
– The ball is a bit more bouncy during dry pitch conditions (tried to get more variety and to have more time in trapping the ball)
– The ball does not drag during wet pitch conditions anymore, has the same ball speed as during dry pitch conditions (i just hated that, personal preference)
– Shot speed is tweaked just a bit, there is bigger gap between the players with the highest and lowest kick power
– GKs are tweaked, less superhuman also they rather punch strong balls instead catching them awkwardly
– More physicality. Its harder to get the ball from the user/cpu (there are more fouls due to late body contacts, accidentaly moves by the players)

PES20 Gameplay Mod by gabe.paul.logan


eFootball PES 20 Gameplay Mods by gabe.paul.logan [GAB]

Download Update Gameplay For PES2020 PC

Update V3.2, changelog:
– More physicality. It’s harder to get the ball from the user/cpu.
– More realistic fouls. However the foul count might decrease but the previous tweak can lead to more realistic fouls.
– CPU attack is more horizontal. It rather plays build up and possession up front, which means less passing at the back with their defenders. (in competition still the cpu can cheat anytime with that, i havent tested hundreds of games)
– Possibly more shots from outside the box by the cpu compared to previous version.
– V3.1 with difficult direct free kicks, V3.2 with original Konami free kicks (user only)

PES 2020 Gameplay Mod V2-F1B by Bromi


V2-F1B Gameplay Mod For eFootball PES 2020 by Bromi

Thought as an evolution of V1-A43.

Download Mod V2 F1B For PES20 PC

To be played only on PROFESSIONAL (improved) and LEGEND (decreased).

PES 2020 CpuLevel 5B Gameplay Mod by Inca36


CpuLevel 5B Gameplay Mod For PES 2020 PC by Inca36

This features modded values in constant_match.bin (CpuLevel.o, those related to levels of game) and cursor (for a better response); in constant_team.bin modded values in section pairAnine.o to give more reaction to players.

Download CpuLevel 5B Mod 2020 For PC

PES 2020 Gameplay Mod V1-A20 by bromi


Gameplay Mod V1-A20 For PES 2020 by bromi

Download Mod V1-A20 For eFootball PES2020 PC

PES 2020 Demo Gameplay Patch by Inca36


3 Gameplay Patches by Inca36 For PES 2020 PC Demo

This includes 3 dt18 gameplay mods for eFootball PES 202, modded by Inca36.

Download Gameplay Patch PES20 PC

PES 2020 PC Demo Gameplay Mod by bromi


PES 2020 Demo Gameplay Mod by bromi For PC

Thanks to incas36 as usual, for the precious help and tutorial, I managed to make some dt18 for pes 2020 demo.

Download PES2020 Demo Gameplay by bromi