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PES 2020 English Commentary Callname Mod by predator002


English Commentary Callnames V9 For PES 2020 by predator002

– Player Callnames:
2456 original + 8034 added​
Total = 10490​

Download Callnames Mod PES2020 PC

PES 2020 How To Change Commentary Language Tutorial by Ginda01


PES 20 Tutorial – How To Change Your Commentary Language

Do you want to play with other language than the one you got when bought the eFootball PES2020 game? This video tutorial will show you how to choose any commentary language available on steam platform just by using it. Don’t forget to make a backup first.

Commentary and Language Change Guide in PES 20 PC Steam Version

Click here to watch language commentary tutorial on youtube by Ginda01.

Enjoy your game now even more!

PES 2020 English Stadium Announcer Update by predator002


PES 20 English Stadium Announcer AIO Vers. 1 by predator002

Download PES2020 English Stadium Announcer Mod

Version 1 Features:
– Players
Original = 1219 (Standard) + 396 (Emphasised)
Added = 2826 (Standard) + 270 (Emphasised)
Total = 4045 (Standard) + 666 (Emphasised)​
– Teams
Original = 99 (Goalscoring, Line-Up, Substitution, Home, Away)
Added = 173 (Goalscoring, Line-Up, Substitution, Home, Away)
Total = 272 (Goalscoring, Line-Up, Substitution, Home, Away)​