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To submit patches you need to LOGIN here. To register please read this ! For now, registration is open only for patchmakers. If you have account here but cannot log in, contact an admin in forum in private message.


Use NEW post option, make post, upload image and submit  for review. Read below:

* To use the Visual and Text Editor in WordPress – see THIS tutorial or this one HERE on Youtube.

Please use < !–more– > tag to cut long post to appear on homepage, as seen in youtube videos above or HERE. Add it after some text, usually 2nd paragraph or image as our site has, see homepage.

If you want to use download button replace add_link_here with your download link; you can copy paste it in your form using the Visual tab or see code in pastebin HERE.


We recommend the use of pastemod.com site to add your download link.

Please add 1 image only, not more (will be deleted). Select Thumbnail version, not Medium or Full image size.

Use our site, do not upload to imagebam or other image hosting site.

NOTE: double check your post before submit, using Visual and Text tabs you can make unlimited edites before final submit. TIP: you can save post as draft (do not close the page) and (final) submit later, to moderation.

Has more tag, features, screenshot and install instructions ?
Good, now send it, will appear in max 24h after review and faster if looks as it should, without the need to be edited again.

Received posts without the need to be edited are approved faster. If a maker is always sending ready to publish posts, may have his account upgraded and posts automatically submit in main page, no need to approval.


Add how to install instructions for your mod, in cpk, sider or else, to help ‘new’ gamers use your mod. Not everybody knows how to install. Example:

How To Install XXXXX In Pro Evolution Soccer 20XX:
1. Extract the archive (SIZE XXXXX) with winrar and copy XXXXX.cpk to 20XX\download\;
2. Open and select DP in DpFileList Generator;
3. Add (NAME XXXXXX).cpk as last checked, generate DpFileList and play!

or else.


Forum account is different than main site account, don’t try same log in.

What you read below is outdated:

* add “how to install” instructions
* add screenshot for your patch, use ADD MEDIA option
* use image thumbs (thumbnails) HTML not IMG & don’t send direct linked images (big) for 2nd type submission.
* use imagehosting sites like: imagebam.com, imgbox.com, directupload.net…
* don’t copy-paste text from forums like [/IMG][/SIZE][/U][/B][/URL], use HTML thumbnail option.


(this is an example, click to see original size)

* submitting your patch you are agree for us to mirror your download links
* if you choose to use your blog links we will still add a mirror, even if you check not to mirror because sometimes users blogs are deleted for various reasons, and your work lost.
* submitting other people patches please don’t forget to give credits to them
* be patient and wait for max. 24h for your post to be on our main page
* if your post won’t appear in main page means you forgot to send us download links or credits (send again)
* join our PES Forum and post your patch there also if you like, make your own thread.

* do not send music related patches (rap patch, rock patch, music patch by …) – not allowed.
* do not send videos – not allowed.
* you can add links and read me’s to your site inside, to promote it, but to allow them your download links from your site should not redirect to other sites than downloading sites (MF, HF, FF, UL, MG etc).
* sites with multiple popups to others sites (except ads) inside your read me are not allowed.

* say it if it’s for PES 2018, PES 2017, PES 2013 or else…

* check if file already exists before submit, use search button.

* maximum image size allowed: 1 MB. Make optimized images with irfanview JPG Save Quality 84% as makes 5MB image in 100KB.


Use the form below to send you mods. If you click “send” we will receive them for sure. Dashboard access is currently closed for the moment.
Do not send us any Premier League kits, logos and related.


IMAGE CODE you send to us must be HTML code, see sample HTML code from imagebam.com below :



GOOD EXAMPLE from directupload.net : (thumbnail)

post code directupload


GOOD EXAMPLE from imagezup : (thumbnail)



GOOD EXAMPLE you can use to send us your patch :




post code 3


EXAMPLE – wrong post sent. Do not send us with [/IMG][/SIZE][/U][/B][/URL] … if we don’t have the time to edit your long post don’t blame us if your post looks bad, a mess, without images… we will post it like this, because you choose so. Simply use HTML codes or direct links at least, not IMG’s.