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StadiumCamera Module For PES 2020 by nesa24


StadiumCamera Module 1.03.02 For Sider PES 2020 by nesa24

This is a module to manage Stadium camera in game.

Download Camera Mod For PES20

Copy files in sider /modules folder
Add to sider.ini lua.module = "StadiumCam.lua" under Lua settings
Set values ingame or in StadCam.ini

Download Stadiumcam Module For 1.3.0 [Link] released 5.12.

For 1.03.01 edit using notepad++

height = 0x149FB163D
zoom = 0x149FB1738
angle = 0x149FB17DB
pitch = 0x1434150EC

Like This

For 1.03.02 edit using notepad++

height = 0x14712AD4D
zoom = 0x14712AE48
angle = 0x14712AEEB
pitch = 0x1434150EC

Thanks to digitalfoxx.

StadiumCamModule For [Link] released 28.11
For 1.02.1 [Link] released 12.11

Support by donating via PayPal : [email protected]


  1. – Install Sider 6
    – Extract archive, copy both ini & lua files to \modules folder
    – Open sider.ini with notepad and add this line
    lua.module = "StadCam.lua"
    – Save it.
    – Now open sider.exe and play PES 2020 via Steam.

    Edit Stadium Cam :

    You can try changing the gameplay
    by edit different values inside StadCam.ini

  2. Thanks for your works
    Please what about kits in sider is dose not work with lasts update data pack 3


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