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Stadium Server For PES2012 by Jenkey1002


PES 2012 Stadium Server – Stadiums Pack by Jenkey1002

Stadium list :

Stamford Bridge
White hart lane

Stadium Server features:

Add more stadiums without replace
Unlock all stadiums in UEFA CL, Copa …
Support edit TEAM’s HOME GROUND with added Stadiums
Unlock stadium setting in UEFA CL, Copa Libertadores
Work with all patchs

How to use :

Extract, move all file and folder to PES2012 installed folder
Overwrite original file (or backup them it need)
Play game with Gameplay – run.exe

Credit :

Gameplay tool & stadium server by Jenkey1002
Special thanks to barcafan (PES2011 UDE), sxsxsx (Stadium Export & Import tool), Twich (White Hart Lane stadium)


  1. great job thanks alot but in your next update could you use the anfield from guimex because the open ssen is very bad with all the fans showing in the wrong place and you could you remove the hd turf from anfield because the colour is very wrong besides that this a perfect patch you a did a very good job and keep up the good work thanks alot

  2. great job jenkey
    if u make the real white hart lane turf i’ll be grateful
    the small strips turf

  3. The patch is great ty very much but i have 2 questions. Why the fans aren’t wearing red t shirts on emirates when i play with arsenal? and i can do something about that?

  4. please fix the emirates stadium bench..you can see that, the bench should not be like tent..please fix it..your patch is great already

  5. I did everything the instructions says but I don’t see the stadiums. What am I doing wrong?….Is it not compatible with the 101 patch?

  6. hi jenkey, i found a bug in your stadium server patch..i cant explain it but situation like this the goalkeeper move to middle of field when he try to block the ball that fall from the higher..sorry i cant explain it, you should fix it soon..and for the anfield entrance too

  7. Hi I do not know what I’m doing everything wrong according to the instructions and there have stejnak Stamford Bridge was nothing that would never download alone stadium? and install or insert it into kitservru? thanks for the reply promint for my English

  8. u must put all extract file accept img folder into PES 2012 folder…then click game play config > match & graphic setting > max your LOD level
    after that click gameplay setting > go to Al setting > disable new gameplay mode…

    run PES2012 1.01-game run….u can play ur pes2012 without problem…..

    thanks to jenkey for the great work…..

  9. mierul, is that a solution for me? if yes, thx a lot..and what is LOD?
    for jenkey keep up the good work, i’m waiting for the next version..


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