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Stadium previews by Maxey v2.0


Insert images (. Png format) with the help of the GGS in the unnamed_101 (pictures are in the editor mode) and unnamed_433 (pictures are in the stadiums of your choice), which are both located in the cv05.img.

Beside previous v1.0 version we have new previous for:

MNE Stadion pod Goricom, Buducnost
RUS Dinamo Stadion, Moskva
RUS Dynamo Stadion, Vladivostok
RUS Kuban Stadion, Krasnodar
RUS Metallurg Stadium, Samara
RUS Olimp-2, Rostov-on-Don
RUS Rodina Stadion, Khimki
RUS Saturn Stadium, Ramenskoe
RUS Tsentralnyi Stadion, Kazan
RUS Zvezda Stadium, Perm
SCO Hampden Paark, Glasgow
SLE Brookfields National Stadium, Freetown [PES] > Realer Name des Mohammed Luis Stadiums
SLO Stadion Pod Dubrom, Zilina

RUS Edyarda Streltsova Stadium, ?
RUS Spartak Stadion, Nalchik
… i cannot find any previews, yet.


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