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Stadium Changer v2.1 by Inas


Now you can select your stadiums ingame, and you can have how many you want stadiums. More info about how the tool works you can find in Readme.txt

Copy all files from .rar file to your kitserver folder, put all your stadiums to /gdb/stadiums. Open the picture stadiums.jpg in this folder to se how to do that. Now run the tool, you can change all stadiums or KONAMI stadium without running PES, or you can go and select ingame.
When you are ingame:
F9 – List Forward, F8 – List Backward
F10 – Confirm Selection (Replace KONAMI DEFAULT STADIUM ONLY)
F11 – Confirm Selection (Replace All Stadiums)
F5 – Quit Program (This only if your computer slows down)
When you select stadium you will hear a sound, also when everything is done you will hear a sound.
Thats all for now, post your ideas at www.pes-balkan.com/forum or at Evo-Web Stadium Changer thread.

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Thanks to all PES-BALKAN.COM and BOSNIANSC.COM visitors.

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