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Stadionpatch by Starmann65 v1.5


Here he is now, which I announced Stadium Patch v.1.5, actually the development of the stadium patch v1.0, as I continue these stages in this patch was used. In this patch, are now included 19 stages, all in accordance with the previews, plus improved crowd `s (viewers), smoke bombs, heavy rain and Rasta Tor network with goalposts.
Instructions are also included in the patch (Word Pad), installation is quite simple, you have only the files as indicated in your Kitserver install. File with a list of superseded stages is also included. 

The patch includes the following stadiums:

1. Signal Iduna Stadion Dortmund
2. Volkswagen Arena Wolfsburg
3. Ibrox Park Stadion Glasgow
4. Allianz Arena München
5. Stamford Brigde Stadion Chelsea
6. Anfield Road Stadion Liverpool
7. Bayer Arena Stadion Leverkusen
8. Celtic Park Stadion Glasgow
9. Old Trafford Stadion Manchester
10. Lokomotiv Central Stadium, Moskau
11. DSB-Stadion, Alkmaar
12. Karaiskakis Stadium, Griechenland
13. Easy Credit Stadion Nürnberg
14. Emirates Stadion London
15. HSV Norbank Stadion Hamburg
16. Tivoli Neu, Innsbruck
17. Velodrome Stadion Marseille
18. Champions League Arena
19. Stadio Olimpico Roma

NEW: Can now patch the stadium packed with 7z, Original Size
1.1 GB>> packed and 487 MB Megaupload uploaded.
Thus, it is simply easier for you to download the patch. Habe
now here for FM Stats patch / Buli Patch / patch and the EVO
Visions patch v.1.91 jewils an option file created …… 

Here is the download link from Megaupload:


:MEGAUPLOAD – The leading online storage and file delivery service

Option File / Buli Patch : MEGAUPLOAD – The leading online storage and file delivery service

Option File / Visions Patch : MEGAUPLOAD – The leading online storage and file delivery service

Option File / EVO Patch : MEGAUPLOAD – The leading online storage and file delivery service

Only with rar and then extract with 7z!
I hope I can order a few PES `happy. The stadiums I have chosen me as the graphics and presentation have liked best.

Now I wish you a lot of fun with the patch ……………

PS: a big thanks goes to the following PES user without their preliminary work the patch would not have been possible

* * gkan, Asian, bebu123, burchet24, CFC – Paulo, Denxho, Dinamo_zg, FCH, Fretz, Forza Roma, ianscott42, inside181, JiriA, Keez, knell.aka.igor057, liberostelios, Maier, MAXEY, mehdi_annabi, MFA, NevFrontMan, NoFacePhantom, OPM, Pacov, PES next-gen Editing Blog, pesconmebol, Plaguecm, rava71, rikidiga, sedax, SEI, shawminator, tidus32, twich, Vallter uva



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