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Sponsor Images For PES 2020 by milosh-96


Sponsor Images (PNG) For PES 20 by milosh-96

You can import in Edit Mode. Since many clubs share sponsors you can combine those images. For example, you can use “Emirates” for Real Madrid, Arsenal, AC Milan and some others like Puma, etc.


I will update OneDrive folder (link below), so all logos will be there.

You can browse logos here:

OneDrive already allows you to download whole folder as ZIP (sponsors.zip).

Feel free to use this in your patches, just credit me :)

Note: One Drive can’t display transparent images so those images have black background (example). If the image name has ‘transparent-bg’, it’s a transparent image. You can save that image with ‘black’ background or you can click on “view original” to be sure.

Put the images in ‘WEPES’ folder on USB storage and plug it to your PS4 (works also on PC). Then go to edit mode > import images > sponsors.


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