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Solution for corupted option file PSP Pes 2011 DATA.BIN [by ktos_xp]


Solution for corupted option file.Option file must be the same as pes 2011 usles-xxxxxxxx version.

by ktos_xp

File downloads:

1. Extract FreeCheat to the root of your memory card
2. Extract SED to /PSP/GAME/
3. Follow instructions on readme to install freecheat.
4. Back up your corrupted save game to computer.
5. Start the game and start to create a new saved game. Before you actually save the new game to the memory stick you should press the note key which will bring up the freecheat console. We need to tell freecheat to go into dump memory mode so when you save the new game it creates the files we need. On the freecheat console go to Mem Manager -> SAVEDATE Manager -> Operate Mode -> Dump. Now hit X to back out to where you can confirm to save the game. Save the game to the memory card.
6. Now exit the game and enable USB to browse your memory stick and go to /FreeCheat/SAVEDATA/ and you will see 2 files. I have:
ULJM-05500.key and ULJM-05500_0.sav
You only need to rename the ULJM-05500.key file to ULJM05500.bin removing the “-” and renaming extention to .bin. Copy this file into /PSP/GAME/SED/gamekey directory on the memory stick.
7. Backup the new save game that you created from /PSP/SAVEDATA/ to your computer for later.
8. Copy your corrupted save game from computer back to /PSP/SAVEDATA/
9. Run SED and it will load a list of save games you have. Press /\ (Triangle) on your corrupted save game and press O on the top option. Then select “Yes” and hit O again to decrypt your corrupted save game to a .bin file on the root of the card. Mine is called: ULJM005500.bin
10. Now copy your new saved game you backed up on the computer back to the /PSP/SAVEDATA/ directory. The directory of the saved game should match the name of the .bin file you just created. If it doesnt rename the .bin file to match it.
11. Load up SED again and find the new saved game and Press /\ (Triangle) to bring up the options and select the 2nd one down from the top and press O and select “Yes” and press O again. This will encrypt the .bin file you just created into the new saved game which is the old corrupted saved game info!
12. Now just start up the game and load your old save game that use to be corrupted!
I’d imagine this would work for any game that is having issues because of new firmware.



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