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Sneak Preview FIFA 2010 !


FIFA 2010: Strong form for the other football, graphics never seen before, see screenshots.

EA Sports allowed the international assemblage of game journalists extensive hands-on time with the upcoming new version of FIFA 2010. Here’s what we saw in this impressive demonstration:

Considerable gameplay improvements: Consistent with the company’s improvements on its other football titles, FIFA 2010 exhibited some promising gameplay improvements. Most noticeable is the game’s increased responsiveness. Passing, dribbling, and even the physical pushing and shoving that occurs in the game all occur at a much faster and more realistic pace than previous versions of FIFA. The game’s graphics have traditionally been impressive, and the heightened realism around the animations has a huge positive impact on the overall quality of play. Here’s an example: During sliding tackles, the ball-handler can adjust and prevent themselves from falling if their non weight-bearing leg is tackled. Another example is goalkeepers’ ability to reach behind their bodies if they misjudge a shot on goal.

Customizable strategic depth: FIFA 2010 will allow players the ability to customize and create specific offensive and defensive play sets and strategies for different in-game scenarios by choosing between a variety of aggression levels and risk-taking.

Be A Pro 2: Players can create their own pro soccer player and attempt to become a legend by playing through a series of games staged over the course of 4 seasons.

In a riveting match between this reporter and a fairly experienced gaming writer from Poland, GamePro held fast to a 0-0 draw that held the game’s Vancouver-based designers riveted. Based upon the raised eyebrows of my opponent, it was clear that Poland could not believe that this upstart American could hold his own on the pitch.

Here are the imprevements, so PES or FIFA ? :)


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