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SmokePatch19 Update 19.0.2 For PES 2019 PC


SmokePatch19 Update V19.0.2 For PES 2019 DP 5.01

Download SmokePatch19 19.0.2

This update includes many fixes and new contents, is important after the recent release of DLC 5.01 and 1.05.01 version.

Main Changes:

– Compatible with latest game DLC
the game recently released a new data pack, this usually makes the patch incompatible, a compatibility fix is needed and included in this update.

– Fixed issue with Brasiliaro in ML and BAL
following fans reports about a bug that affects some latin american leagues, that results in the second season schedule to appear empty without any games. we have investigated this issue and found out the problem was with the MLS having too much teams that results in bugs with Brazil league, and possibly other american leagues.

this is now corrected, we have reduced the number of teams to 20 only in the MLS, moved 4 teams to other american leagues, the problem is now fixed and all leagues plays normal in all game modes.

we will continue trying to have the full 24 teams in mls without causing such a problem, if a better solution is found we will do it soon.

– Graphics enhancements
as in all updates, more graphic updates and enhancements is included, mostly with teams kits, many  updates and details are applied in this update.

– Database upgrades
many missing players are imported and assigned to their respective teams, some missing transfers are corrected, newly promoted Chinese teams have correct squads now.
a general system enhancements and tweaks has been done to make the patch even more responsive.

– Other fixes and enhancements:
many reported bugs related to faces and graphics are all reviewed and fixed with other small enhancements corrections.

mediafire mega

1- be sure you installed SmokePatch19
2- extract and run installer (select game folder)
3- copy the new edit file to save folder

Sider SP19 is compatible with the update, if you want to use it check full features here.


  1. Esta tudo muito bom, mas quando jogo a MASTER LEAGUE, o jogo não faz a gravção automatica, o que tenho de fazer? Obrigado

  2. Instalei o patch versão 19.0 e depois instalei a versao 19.02, fica tudo muito bem, mas quando vou jogar a Master League ele não grava o jogo, o que tenho de fazer? Obrigado

  3. Eu guardo o EDIT em Konami save, e o exec. no Pro Evolution Soccer\ 2019 Program (x86). e quando jogo na ML o jogo nao grava. Eu instalo primeiro oa V19.0 e depois a v19.02. Obrigado pela ajuda

  4. faz assim desinstala teu game e instala d novo, deve ter algum erro pq o meu funciona de boa e tenho varias cpks nele e no meu eu coloco o save automatico

  5. Obrigado ja funciona só que a versão no meu jogo e 1.05.00 e não 1.05.01, como devo fazer, no resto esta tudo impecavel. Obrigado

  6. I have 2 issues :
    1. new dpfilelist generator not working .. it removes the patch .. only to make it work I have to apply the first dpfilelist generator 1.1 and apply dlc 1.0
    2. I cant edit anything inside the game .. It doesn’t apply .. like assigning stadium to a team…!!

  7. help please ,cant instal this update getting this some error,download/07_smkb_up1.cpk.This file contains invalid data.(error 11FD)

  8. I turned off the classic players in ML but they still do appear. I saw the Smoke Patch of pes 17 and they fixed that issue today. Can the same been done for this version

  9. when I import a team, save and exit edit mode, when I re-enter, only the team name was imported. The shield, players, etc, were not imported. Any solution? Thank you


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