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SmokePatch18 Update 18.0.2


Smoke Patch 18 Update V18.0.2 Released May 24, 2019

Download SP18 update 18.0.2

This adds more classic faces and corrects some boots models, adds some corrections reported, errors when trying to access online is corrected, so is saving the edit file crash is resolved, assigns the correct CL balls and adds some updates; now you can start Master League or BAL without having classic players in the youth and free agents.


– Fixed classic players
the classics appearing in youth and free agents does not show now when starting master league or other modes (unless you choose the option)

– Update graphics
fixed some boot models having graphic bugs, added more classic players real faces and various graphic enhancements.

– Fixed game exit for steam users
a problem reported for steam users where the game crash when the game try to look for live updates is now fixed, press analogue stick in teams select menu to switch to smoke updates instead of live updates.

– Fixed edit file save bug
fixed some issues in edit mode and with saving the edit file afterwards, this is corrected now and the game save properly.

– Corrected CL EL balls
as the ball pack is converted from SP19, the balls cannot be manually assigned, because of licences difference between the two games, this update added the correct link lines to have the correct balls in the competition.

– Various updates
added some missing kit textures, updated some flags and added smoother emblems for some leagues, other small updates are done.

1- be sure you installed SmokePatch18
2- extract and run installer (select game folder)

Links Full 18.0.0 + Update 18.0.2: (doesn’t need other versions)


These are official links, as usual, update size: 290 MB.


  1. More many bug in master league mode
    Can’t play champion league in master league mode
    Stuck in loading match after formation


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