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Smoke Patch 20.2.5 For eFootball PES 2020 PC


Smoke Patch Version 20.2.5 + DLC 7 For eFootball PES 2020 PC

New in V20.2.5: (install patch version 20.2.3 first, inside)
– updated database (players, teams, squads, …)
– updated kitpack (+50 teams updated mostly national teams)
– updated mini-face pack (+2400 formation picture added)
– randomized players boots (more boots will appear now)
– includes fixes from previous update.


+ DLC7 compatibility package 2.

– changing the patch files or adding other mods is at your own risk.
– smokepatch does not include the game, we assume that you bought and installed.
– this patch is made to focus on offline modes.
– deactivate live update in the team select menu.


1- Extract patch files
get all parts and be sure all are completed, extract only part one the rest will be extracted automatically, don’t move any of the installation files or folders and be sure you do not get any errors.
2- Run (smokepatch20.2.3)
run the installer and choose game installation folder, the patch must be installed in the same game folder, be sure you don’t get errors and that the installer finished successfully.
3- Copy the Edit file
manually copy the edit file (edit00000000) that comes with the latest update, replace the file in the save folder of the game in documents.

* same instructions for patch update if available.


  1. through updates I can not skip the beginning of the match and then throws to the desktop

  2. Maybe somebody can help me here:

    I have the steam version of the game and I disabled the automatic updates so I can play with the patch, I made everything I read on internet about it to avoid the game auto updates, but once every month or each two months, Steam forces one update, so I have to reinstall the patch and I lose all my game edits. Is there any way to avoid that please?

    I’ve restarted my Master League like three times, created my friends team and all my friends as players everytime I install the patch and I’m totally sick about having to edit the game everytime I play. I’m seriously thinking about don’t buy a Steam game anymore to avoid the fucking Steam control.


    Quizás alguien pueda ayudarme:

    Tengo la versión de Steam del juego y ya desactivé las actualizaciones automáticas para poder jugar con el parche, hice todo lo que leí en Internet para evitar las actualizaciones automáticas del juego, pero una vez al mes o cada dos meses, Steam fuerza la actualización, así que tengo que volver a reinstalar el parche y pierdo todas las ediciones de mi juego. ¿Hay alguna forma de evitar eso?

    He reiniciado mi Master League como tres veces, he creado mi equipo de amigos y a todos mis amigos como jugadores cada vez que instalo el parche y ya estoy harto de tener que editar el juego cada vez lo arranco. Estoy pensando seriamente en no comprar más juegos de Steam solo para evitar el puto control de Steam.

  3. This is good, no need to wait for evoweb patch and doesn’t require sider. Quality.

  4. Damn fuckers, cant get to download, malware info,.. or browser let me get the link after reading a post… only moneymaker here

  5. Hace 2 meses que estoy reclamando que las face del dlc 6.0 y ahora dlc 7.0 no funcionan

  6. does not work after 1
    I still have version 1.03.0 and data package 7.00
    after 2 no euro option 2020 HELP

  7. 20.2.5 doesnt open the exe file
    other exe files open normally
    please fix 20.2.5 exe file

  8. Anyone know good AI/Gameplay mods to go with this patch? I play mostly BAL but the AI is just awful.

  9. Did as the instructions given, when i start the match it run only till player touching the ball to begin the match after refree whistle then stuck it stops compeletly. Please help

  10. I have a problem , can you please help me ? … I can’t get to the page to disable the automatic updates … even if i click with the right analogue stick it doesn nothing , can anyone tell me what to do ? i have the steam version , can i get to that setting via keyboard ? which bottom should i press ? or there is another way ? with the controller i’ve tried everuthing it doesn’t get me to that page :S


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