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Smoke Patch 17 Update 17.1.5 For PES 2017 PC


Smoke Patch 17 Update V17.1.5 For PES2017 Released 16.10

Download SP 17.1.4

– reconverted the kits pack
– assigned stadiums in the edit file

Update 17.1.4 changelog: (included in 17.1.5)
– updated many kits (kits to be used in SP20 so far)
– fixed players stats (fixed errors in conversion stats and skills)
– updated many graphics (flags, new faces, …)
– updated rosters (completed many missed transfers)
– fixed reported problems (errors in edit mode and other reports)
– includes fixes from previous updates
– this update needs at least full patch SP17.1.0 or newer

Links 17.1.0 + Update 17.1.5:


– Extract patch files
get all parts and be sure all are completed, extract only part one the rest will be extracted automatically, don’t move any of the installation files or folders and be sure you do not get any errors.
– Run (smokepatch17.1.0)
run the installer and choose game installation folder, the patch must be installed in the same game folder, be sure you don’t get errors and that the installer finished successfully.
– Install patch update
get the latest patch update 17.1.5, only install the latest update because it will include any needed previous updates for the patch.

– if you edit or generate the patch dpfilelist be sure to READ THIS.
– changing the patch files or adding other mods is at your own risk.
– adding or updating the game is not the patch responsibility.
– sider is not included, available as sider addons
– this patch is made to focus on offline modes.


  1. many players have wrong playable positon
    anyone have ploblem like me?
    (for example david luiz can play LW , lo selso can play CB)

  2. Weird bugs with some national kits england tom heaton has weird black texture running through the top, same for 2nd and 3rd goalkeeper of brazil and chile, any ideas what that is?

  3. No matter how painful it is for you , the truth is different . Kosova was , is and it always be a part of Albania . Your country is known only for one thing , committing genocide . I would be in shame if I were you . I’m not here to debate our situation and I will not try to convince you because its not worth it .
    Though I think having Kosovo in this patch would be awesome . Kosovo has a great squad , a lot of talents and now is suprising with their performance in UEFA Euro 2020 qualifyng .
    Plus it would be an understatement for Kosovo when San Marino , Cyprus , Montenegro are in this patch and Kosovo not .
    Fact : San Marino’s total value of squad is 450k while only Rashica value is 20M

  4. Excuse me, this is my first time installing this patch. I dont know why my game didnt show the player name ? Please Help 🙃

  5. Smoke why is the gameplay hard even on regular please leave the original gameplay don’t have it play like pes 2020 pleaee…………

  6. San marino have montenegro armenia etc koso k not habe smoke fiks this add kosovo for pes 2017 all fans from kosovo wait to add kosovo country to play wy my country

  7. there is a bug in master league 。when you play acl, after the 3 match day,there are no match,please fix it


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