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Sky-Tech Patch 2.0 by Fabio™ & Everton1987™ Multilanguage + Easy Installer


Here it is the second version, which will be followed by further update, the new Sky-Tech Patch, which was very successful.

PREFERABLY TO BE INSTALLED ON CLEAN GAME, or you can simply uninstall and delete the old kitserver if you have one.

It is compatible ONLY with the Patch KONAMI 1.40
Please note that should be installed before installing the patch.


~ Created a new option file with all the names of teams and players in small and classical players released and updated transfers until the end of the winter transfer market, with the possible creation from scratch of players in case they are missing from the original database. Contains the following leagues:

– CHAMPIONS (with all 32 teams);
– NATIONAL (+16 national unlocked);
– SERIE B (with all 22 teams);
– OTHER A + LIGUE 1 (with EXCLUSIVE placement of 2 teams in sixteenths of UEFA Cup: FC Metalist Kharviv and KKS Lech Poznan);

I must emphasize the absolute accuracy that distinguishes, in particular, the Serie A and Serie B.
The Option File has the addition of 16 hidden national teams and 7 missing in the selection of teams for the Champions League, and the last convocation of the largest national 6 (Italy, France, England, Spain, Brazil and Argentina).
Difficult, if not impossible, to find a similar Option File.

~ Added new logos for all national teams and clubs
~ Added new PS3 Joypad
~ Added new Scoreboard SKY
~ Added new songs for national teams and clubs (including B)
~ Added new logos for the replay (including that of SKY and the different competitions)
~ Added new gloves for the goalkeeper
~ Added new logos for the selection of the leagues (seen for example in Exibition mode)
~ Added new official posters at the victory of the various competitions
~ Added new real trophies and medals for Become a Legend mode
~ Added new League Screen for the various competitions (National Championships, International Championships and cups)
~ Added the innovative “sweat on the faces and eyes are now white rather than gray”
~ Added new kits for all club teams and national (including those unblocked) and included logo of World Champions on kit of Manchester United in CL
~ Added new nets
~ Added new bootpack
~ Added new ballpack
~ Added new flags and new smoke for fans
~ Added new icons to positions
~ Added new microphones of true sports broadcasters
~ Added 16 new stadiums with new turf
~ Added new turf  for 2 of the remaining stadiums and the stadium of training (with Adidas and circles pattern)
~ Added the new previews for the stadiums in the selection
~ Added new adboards for all stagdiums
~ Added new custom backgrounds SKY
~ Added new SKY logo for cameraman
~ Added new kits for the referee (Adidas and Diadora Series A and B)
~ Added new images real cups
~ Added new kit for training
~ Added many faces, the best of the web already relinked in the Option File
~ Added new ball cursor
~ Added jackets of the Italian Red Cross
~ Added bottle water Uliveto
~ Added the names of the commentators in lowercase
~ Added new loading logo
~ Added game begin screen of the patch instead of Konami’s
~ Added the lawn when you choose training
~ Added new commentary Caressa-Bergomi.


~ Added all promotion, transfers and the correction of logos and kits in:

– Serie A
– Serie B
– Premier League
– Bundesliga
– Ligue 1
– Liga

~ Transfers with great accuracy in all the teams until 10/07. Also made returns from loans in teams of belonging (even if they will be sold again): for example, Claudio Pizarro from Chelsea to Werder or Andryi Shevchenko from Milan to Chelsea;
~ Made the last major convocations of best nationals in the world;
~ Added the National New Zealand;
~ Added EXCLUSIVE 4 new teams that are accessed at the group stage of UEFA Champions League 2010: Rubin Kazan, CSKA Moscow, AZ Alkmaar and Unirea Urziceni;
~ Corrected 32 teams selected in modiality UEFA Champions League in relation to the 2009/2010 season;
~ Added many new kit of the season 2009/2010 and some in CL version;
~ Added ballpack with new names corrected;
~ Added bootpack with new names corrected;
~ Added stadium “Mestalla Valencia and the update of the” Olimpico in Rome (no banners AS Roma), Allianz Arena di Monaco “and” Road Anfield Liverpool “;
~ Added the new net;
~ Added new songs (including some teams nee promoted);
~ Added about 70 new faces (unfortunately, the slots were few);
~ Modified some menus backgrounds;
~ Added the UEFA Europa League (with logos and logos replay correct) instead of the UEFA Cup;
~ Modified all entries dated 2008/2009 in 2009/2010;
~ Added sheet UEFA Champions League and UEFA World Cup 2010;
~ Added new adboards;
~ Fixed logo SKY SPORT 1 mode 16:9 (was centered);
~ Deleted all duplicates.

Perhaps something has been forgotten, but most of it was mentioned.

BUILDER: fabiolino
Was involved in the creation of the File Options, the installer, the composition for the broad middle facepack, relink the mesh and choruses, creating half of GDB, the assembly of the menu background, the change of names of the stages , shoes, balls of the telecronisti, and to identify, detect and collect all the bin for the patch, coordinating the patch.
CO-CREATOR: Everton1987 ™
It was occupied for half of the creation of GDB, the composition for the broad middle facepack, training kits, kits for referees, the inclusion of Uliveto jackets and nurses of the Red Cross.

Special Credits:
Diablos: creator of logos for clubs and national League of Screen, the beautiful kit club, replay logos, logo upload and Start Screen.
»EXtreme ™: Amending the backgrounds of the menu, written in the main menu and the new posters at the official victory of the various competitions.
Devil94: Creator splindidi Kit Series B.
tax: for the wonderful Option File and starting to create more players.

General Credits:
~ Zioborgo for the treatment of national teams and hidden
~ Andreysugar87 for creating some of the players in the PHO
~ These authors Sirri, CR7 ™, VinVanDam13, eleanor, Rinaldo, Kleinmann, astrace77, Giorgino Caino from Cagliari, Darnell, jvinu2000, Kovacevic23, Wolves85, Fedorutsa, metay, Jan, carlos1205, Danielinho, DMGSoft, Tunevi, Gerlamp, JuanZinho, EdxZ_101, Muller Bento for the various kits of national referees and club
~ These authors IFT, Duner, ‘W’, Gutter13, Beckham23-7, RINO, Dartaxan, (s) HitFacer, kabezadenavaja, Anegor, c14, Andrews, Jotta17, SKILLS_ROONEY, Chelsea 7 Libéros, Anat & Rothen-Z + 25 EFE, Michelot, VictoriuS, Mystiq, valfourrecity, Pro, Mufan, Lasson_99, Petrboat, Carloss, stevann, Rasious, King Sun, LIDAN80, Jorge Martinez, gigione, vanjainter, CR91, n & f, El Fluppe, BJ, Serguei75, Hawke , Ronie, apatsi20, Ragg, BJK076, fjcc_92, wa turka, Denizimo, yurkeno, disio, row, Sz0IpAs, skurt20 & trasgu, skurt, xeneize25, [4D] Nossy, Duner, shsh, FDM, Akasan, the nameless, ZacSeven, Danielinho, Nebojsa Jovic, El Ninho, quan555, Trigger, pesleague.pl, pera11bg, tiagoscp31, Arnau, TheVerve, Vivas, Merikan, W, Yury, Davidecit, Yohn, Nicolas, Flip-Flap, Wolvern, DRZU, ccq214, Devotional, aGonnKS, AKATECC, Dimke-Marsicanac, Jelly, Števci (acmss), alahly_man for their fantastic faces
~ Kralle79 for bootpack
~ Paolindo for ballpack
~ Jacktar for microphones
~ Rikidiga, Forza Roma, Rava71, FCH, inside181, Shawminator, starmann65 for stadiums
~ Frenk on grassy
~ Jjborn on turf for the stadium for training
~ Gigimarulla for the choirs of national and club
~ Ian ray78 choruses for some of the teams of Serie B
~ Kingbega creator of the pack of songs for gigimarulla teams Serie B
~ Simone0208 for PS3 Joypad
~ For many gloves for the goalkeeper
~ Ninuzzu for the scoreboard SKY and icons positions
~ Genko06 at the scoreboard SKY CL
~ Quangtri78 for replay logo SKY
~ Oesukinsyn choice for logos alloys
~ Pan2Pan for some new posters at the official victory of the various competitions
~ Checcolecco for medals and trophies in real mode Become A Myth
~ MrBress pel’innovativo “sweat on the faces”
~ Silverfox87 for the flags and smoke
~ TomiPL for previews of the stages
~ Arquero7171 for adboards for all stages
~ Hawke for the ball cursor
~ G @ l @ g @ n Sh @ re and backgrounds for the basic menu
~ Tottimas the lawn when you choose training
~ Master_Rafael for networks of gates
~ Gramonobon for telecronaca Caressa-Bergomi.

At this point, the patch is applied! Have fun with PES 2009: Sky-Tech Patch 2.0!

Option File Update 10.07.2009:

Just install the exe Sky-Tech Patch 2.0 FO.exe


Hotfile Uploading


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