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Sirion Pes Patch Ultimate 09


1) We apologize in advance for any mistakes and Tell us so that we can improve in different updates for any reporting errors.

2) This patch is essential to have installed the patch 1.20.

3) As for the soundtrack of the patch we have decided not to create it because I think it right that an installed what pleases the most.

4) As regards the italian comentary, we failed to create one for our modivi of time, perhaps we will create for the next version of the patch.

5) This is only the first version of the patch is released it will be several versions, is to correct any bugs, errors and inaccuracies is to add new things to offer you the best ever.

6) All Fix and updates will be posted in this post service to avoid creating too much confusion.

7) The Patch contains no “new discovery” for pes as the addition of national and hidden entering stadiums other than gaming, quetsta was our choice because states have not had time and method to test ” New discoveries “carefully and then we could not guarantee the safe operation of 100%, but these techniques undoubtedly be implemented in version 2.0

8) Ancona and Citadella kits are missing.

* All joypad and keys in ps3 version
* New Preview Boots with just names and Fixed
* Microphones Journalists broadcasters
* Goalkeepers gloves
* New images roles players
* New awards
* Logos championships corrected
* Logos’ Cup altered and corrected
* All kits, numbers and characters of the Spanish Liga
* All kits, numbers and characters of Serie A
* All kits, numbers and characters of National
* All kits, numbers and characters in the Bundesliga
* All kits, numbers and characters Other Teams of A & B
* All kits, numbers and characters of the Premiership
* All kits, numbers and characters of Serie B
* New Net
* Photos added Royal and Royal names for each stadium
* New Preview balloons + Real Names
* New Adboards
* Secondary Adboards
* Banners for all Clubs
* Refresher Courses
* New grass
* Upgrade of the Rose All in Pes Present Teams with players from teams already card.
* Logos conference cups
* Series Inserita B, playable in Master League
* Entered the Bundesliga, playable in Master League
* All logos of teams in HD
* Italianized all the names of national (ITALY —> Italy)
* New Music at the choice between different genres
* Tailor a Second Replay ‘Cup and Championships
* Amended Scoreboard for All Other Competitions
* Logo on Sky Cameraman
* New faces with over 170 players relinkati + those created for the series B with internal editor
* Kits for classic teams
* Logos of the National Magazine
* Graphics within each Cup Championship or rebuilt with the Royal Logos
* Fixed All Names of competitions and championships
* All names of teams and players are in lower case
* Created Players Missing
* Added real names players classics
* New Video Initial
* All rebuilt Uniforms Training
* Improved graphics of fans
* New logo upload
* Images on the billboards Real cups competitions
* Compatible with Patch Update Konami 1.20

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