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PROMO : Sign Up @ GamerSonic.com


Hello, PES Patch Community.

I would like to introduce you GamerSonic.com, The Gamers Social Network.

SIGN UP and discover GamerSonic Features :

– add friends
– add photos
– add videos (playing a game ? make a video and share it !)
– add pages (fan pages)
– add blogs (your own personal blog, review games, updates, mods and patches)
vote polls
– play quizzes
– send gifts
– follow gamers
– find events
– meet me, a nice mod to play and find friends
– ask questions and get answers section
– chat (see friends in your list when they are online)
gamer forum
– apps (play multiplayer games like Empire, Farmfever, Mafia, Poker, Hercules …)
– games
– marketplace (buy and sell your games and services)
– referral system, sent invites to friends (rewarded with points)
– rank system (based on Activity Points)
badge for website
– badges for Xbox Live, Playstation Network and Steam accounts
– much more to come.

GamerSonic has an activity sistem rewarded. Be ACTIVE, be REWARDED, be a TRUE GAMER.

Login, add your profile picture, edit your privacy settings and you are ready to GamerSonic !

Take advantage and get your name and username now !

Make posts and rank to be Number One GAMER !


  1. I signed up a few hours ago!
    Very good job!
    Only one request..make a theme for the site.

  2. We thought about that but we don’t know if we should go simple (simple theme, no colors, easier to load) or a more colorful with header, footer and background with images from games. What do you have in mind ?

  3. To answer your questions, we don’t allow full games post (this is prohibited) just game mods and official updates and secondly PS3 hack if you men Jailbreaked things is no as well.

    The site is for legal gamers who like news from gaming world and socialize.

    So, we are open to all patchmakers that wants to join.

  4. That’s ok, I don’t register on sites/blogs giving Pirated stuff, so I just wanted to confirm. Thanks.

    And hacks is not what you are taking in (not Jailbreaks!!), I mean to say, cheat codes, easy money/tactics, multiplayer cheats, servers, etc.
    But I think I got my answer now, Thank you! :D


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