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Sider Add-on DP 5.01 For Pesgalaxy Patch 2019 1.02


Sider Add-on For DLC 5.01 In Pesgalaxy PC Patch 2019 1.02

Download AddOn DP 5.01 For Pesgalaxy Patch 2019 1.02

Features: add new content and compatibity with latest data pack from 18.04.

Greetings from the Addon team: P.K.Charmant and eulinho.


Hawke – Refkits, Bälle, Boots, Startscreens
Juce – sider
Enzo77 – Liga MX Base
KikoRocha – Liga MX Kits
Albiore – J League Kits

MJTS-140914 – Trophy


League MX replaces the Fake South America League (kits, logos, players, coaches, stadiums)
J-League replaces the Fake Asia League (kits, logos, players)
MLS clubs replaced clubs in other Latin American leagues (kits, logos, players)
Eredivise – All Rivals, Tactics, All Banners & Stadium Settings
National Teams – All Banners & Stadium Settings

Sider 5.2.3 included with all scoreboards, balls, refs of all leagues. In the friendly game you have the choice between random and manual choice – more about this during installation

Offline and online – self-tested

StartScreen Switcher via sider – 8 start screens

Additional files (cpk’s or Sider content) can be added as desired – Baris DPFileList Generator for DLC 5.0 is included to add more cpk’s.
! Attention – if more cpk’s are added, PES only works offline !


  1. loa nombres de los equipos en las ligas de españa,inglaterra,mexico me quedaron genericos,,,podrias poner otro edit00000 con los nombres correctos xfavorrrrr…..

  2. Hi,

    it doesnt work for me. “Saving Edit Data. The previuos edit data backup automatically”
    All Team Names are wrong.

    The first Addon works before

  3. Confusing Install tutorial. Even there are google translate, I still can’t read it properly.
    Please make English Install tutorial.


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