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Sider 6.3.1 For PES 2020 by Juce


PES 2020 Sider V6.3.1 For PC by Juce

This is a major release with some internal things reworked and also new features added.

Download Sider 6.3.1 PES20

What’s new:

– audio library to play sounds. See docs – for many examples (with CR7 too).
– all dependencies statically linked into sider.dll: no external DLLs needed
– new HTML documentation with pictures :) (No more excuses for incorrect installation)
– experimental match stats library: get current score, match clock.


The new shiny HTML docs are included in the 6.3.0 archive, and are available online here.

How to upgrade your existing sider:
1. take new sider.exe, sider.dll, and toggle.wav from the archive
2. keep your existing sider.ini. You can delete lua51.dll, d3dcompiler_46.dll, and zlibwapi.dll – they are no longer needed.
3. copy new documentation into your existing sider folder.
4. if you want to try sound examples from the docs, you will need “content/audio-demo” folder too.



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