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Sider 6.2.4 For PES 2020 by Juce


Sider Version 6.2.4 For eFootball PES 2020 by Juce

Preview PES2020 Sider 6.2.4 For PC

– new “memory.guard” object – see scripting.txt for details.
– adds support for 2020 LITE version

Link: https://mapote.com/pes/sider-6.2.4.zip

Sider 6 is a helper program for PES 2020, PES 2020 Lite and Demo.
See doc/readme.txt for information on how to use it. The livecpk/ball-root is an example of LiveCPK usage, with Champions League ball created by Hawke.


  1. does it support the latest update?

    // yes.

    yes, only sider.dll is new. But the only notable difference between 6.2.3 and 6.2.4 is support for PES Lite. If you have full version, you don’t really need 6.2.4.

    Crashes ? Are you using some sort of program that fine-tunes the graphics card settings, when PES runs, or a reshader? It seems that something interferes with the overlay initialization. You can try disabling overlay in sider.ini, if you don’t need it – this should eliminate one possible reason for crashes.

  2. the game doesn´t run with sider , just a white screen a crashes, maybe is not compatible yet with 3.0.1 exe ?

  3. Yeah same issue new update from konami has destroyed pes thanks you konami, now there is no reason to keep playing


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