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Sider 5.1.3 For PES 2019 by Juce


Sider V5.1.3 For PES 2019 PC by Juce

Download Sider 5.1.3

– updated to support PES 2019 1.04.00

Link :

(When you change match time with match.minutes setting in sider.ini, the game will still say it’s “5 minutes”, or whatever the chosen length is. However, during the match, the time will flow according to the setting in sider.ini)

Sider is open source and might even qualify as free software.
Source code is here: https://github.com/pes-modding/sider5


  1. como saco la configuracion de la camara es horrible, la quiero poner en defecto como viene el el juego.

    as I take out the configuration of the camera is horrible, I want to put it in default as the game comes.

  2. Sider is causing the game not to go past the KONAMI title page for some reason. Before the update it was the same after a while.The game has loaded a couple of times after trying for a long time and the mods work great but get code errors
    GKCC49_200 and
    Can anybody please help?
    Ive asked alot on youtube and steam but have never got any replys.

  3. Hi everyone.
    I can not make the settings of the camera that I have inserted in EvoSwitcher work even though I have inserted the 5.1.3 sider. Question: Do the custom camera settings still work as before or do you need to make some additional changes? Thank you very much for helping!

  4. A mi tampoco me funciona. De hecho no me aparece la superposicion de ningun módulo. Ni de camara… nada

  5. Conseguiste hacerlo amigo?. He tenido el mismo problema que tú. Todos los ajustes que tenia hechos en sider 5.1.2 han desparecido o no funcionan. De hecho no puedo activar las superposiciones para modificar parámetros como antes.

  6. Hello, I like working a lot of you, I can only play using your cameras, but this new sider is not working the zoom, and also does not work in online mode, could you help me?

  7. Alguien tiene el mismo problema o es mi parche pero en el log pone Stadium Server is not activated, lo mismo pone en weather conditions. Así que no me va el Stadiumserver server


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