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Sider 5.1.0 For PES 2019 by Juce


Sider V5.1.0 For PES 2019 (and demo version) by Juce

Download Sider 5.1.0

– fixed crashes that were due to Lua memory allocation errors.
– overlay : fully programmable via Lua modules using 2 new events
– camera.lua : updated with overlay controls and two new tweaks
by @nesa24 – ball cursor switch on/off, replays on/off.

1) Interactive overlay is the main new feature. See doc/readme.txt and doc/scripting.txt for detailed information about overlay. Any Lua module can use overlay. Look at examples in camera.lua and overdemo.lua.
2) Crashes that were happening early after starting the game, and often when higher resolution was used – should now be fixed. (This was due to memory allocation errors in Lua modules)

Big thanks to:
@nesa24 – for the idea of overlay functionality
@zlac, nesa24, and @Chuny – for testing early versions and patience

– allows to play longer (or shorter) games: set match time to any number of minutes between 1 and 255. (in sider.ini)
– LiveCPK (see example of new Champions League ball by @Hawke)
– free side select : move controllers freely in all game modes
– camera.lua : allows to tweak ranges of zoom, height, and angle for custom camera. See camera.ini – for the settings. All credit to @nesa24 for camera research!
– Lua scripting support with various game events, such as “set_teams”, “set_conditions”, “set_match_time”, and “trophy_rewrite”.
– Trophy server
– Interactive overlay


(When you change match time with match.minutes setting in sider.ini, the game will still say it’s “5 minutes”, or whatever the chosen length is. However, during the match, the time will flow according to the setting in sider.ini)

Sider is open source and might even qualify as free software.

Source code is here: https://github.com/pes-modding/sider5


  1. sider source code is here:

    since sider does some things that can look suspicious and can be be flagged by antivirus or some other “defender” tools, it is important that anyone can look at the full source and verify that there’s no malice of any sort. Moreover, if you don’t trust unsigned binaries, you can always build sider yourself from source. No commericial tools are needed for that – free version of Visual Studio (2012 Express Edition) is good enough.


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