Home Editing Tools Sider 5.0.1 For PES 2019 by Juce

Sider 5.0.1 For PES 2019 by Juce


Sider 5.0.1 For Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 by Juce

– support for full game and the demo
– LiveCPK (see example of new Champions League ball by @Hawke)
– free side select : move controllers freely in all game modes
– camera.lua : allows to tweak ranges of zoom, height, and angle for custom camera. See camera.ini – for the settings. All credit to @nesa24 for camera research!

Download PES2019 Sider V5.0.1

Link : https://mapote.com/pes/sider-5.0.1.zip

Some other features are still in development,
but not done yet:

– Working on getting all events implemented for Lua scripting,
– and another cool new feature, but secret for now :)


  1. Is real time switching of coach mode possible within Master league?

    Or perhaps at the very least, switching between human and ai control during ML

  2. Hi guys, I open the sider and I play the game.

    I would like to play a cup with 2 players in this way:
    – my friend with keyboard
    – myself with joypad

    Unfortunately is not possible to change the sider position of the keyboard because is lock.


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