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Sider 5.0.0 For Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Demo


Sider 5.0.0 by Juce For Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Demo

Download PES2019 Sider

allows to play longer games: set match time to any number of minutes
between 1 and 255. (in sider.ini)


(feel free to upload to wherever, if you want to)

The game will still say it’s “5 minutes”, but it’s not :)


  1. Thanks but what about online games if the opponent have 5 min and i have 10 min what happen ?

  2. Copy all the folders in pes 2019 demo folder. Open the folder of the tool and leave it open don’t close it during the game.

  3. Thanks! It works very well
    – set the ini file
    – open the executable as admin and leave the small window open on your desktop then launch your game.

  4. Doesn’t open in full window. I see only window’s pane but cant’s see any program’s settings. Windows 7. Is it only for Windows 10, etc.?


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