1. MR. JUCE… please enable the stadium, time, and weather selection, on master league mode… i hate it when playing pes on the rain all the time, its boring…
    i hope you can add these features on next sider…
    Much Respect From Me.

  2. Thank you, as you can set in the tournament KONAMI CUP to choose 2 or more equal teams (example: Bayer vs Bayer) and time alone at night

  3. master juce can u pls make a sider to enable us to set offline league starting from atleast 4teams

  4. I would like to zoom out and move up the BACK CAMERA, to play the same as the old Kick Off (Amiga). It would be also good to edit the LOD to increase detail distance in case you play with a camera up and far away.

  5. Mr. Juice, plz, can i have that likely patch for PS3 system. How can we change side in ps3 pes 2016 cup mode. Hep us.

  6. Mr juice first of all thanks for sider camera mod..
    Any chance we can zoom in and out for “blimp” mode?
    Really wish its can be adjust alittle..


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