1. Doesnt work for me, i did exactly what the instruction said in the readme file. Still max is 10. I have PES Tuning patch installed.

  2. Please how to have less zoom ? i Mean -5 or -10 , to see the pitch a little bit far ? ? ? ? Please This is GREAT. Is working like a charm but we need ZOOM OUT. Sry for my english !

  3. man,,, i would like to thanx all the afford you just did,u save just my life with this thing thanx a lot

  4. Hey, I tried this but it didn’t work..
    Could someone help us please to use this with the yair patches ?
    Thank you very much !!

  5. Thank you, as you can set in the tournament KONAMI CUP to choose 2 or more equal teams (example: Bayer vs Bayer) and time alone at night.

  6. Run sider.exe, it will open a command-line text window, with
    some introductory text. Don’t close that window, but you can
    minimize it, if you want.

    Run the game. Make sure you press a keyabord key at least
    once, for example when the game says “Press Any Key”. This
    is very important – to make sure that sider.dll gets mapped
    into PES process. After that, you can navigate the game
    with your game controller (or keyboard), whichever way you

  7. Ok Juce now new question : is it possible to do the same as “camera.sliders.max” but in negative ? In order to zoom out more. You know what i mean ?
    Thanks !

  8. Really nice! But I want to make the camera as Vertical with low zoom and large height. Like FIFA End to End.

  9. En tipo de camara personalizado: zoom 0, altura 20 y angulo 0, cuando el balon va por la parte superior de la pantalla la vision se reduce, solo se puede ver a 4 jugadores, tambien en los saque largo de banda. se puede corregir?


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