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Sider 1.1 For PES 2015 by Juce


Sider 1.1 For PES 2015 by Juce (Entrance Scenes Enabled)

Free side selection in competition modes (cups, leagues, etc.), Entrance scenes enabled.

pes 2015 side5 1.1 with entrance scene enabled

See readme.txt inside the archive on how to use it. It’s pretty simple.

New in 1.1:

Entrance scenes enabled
– ability to move 1st player controller into the middle (experimental feature)

uploaded mirrorcreator speedyshare

I have only tested it with proper licensed exe, whatever’s latest on Steam (1.02).

It should work with other versions too.

This tool allows you to make a couple of small tweaks to your PES experience:

1. You can freely select sides in competition modes – where such selection is normally restricted.
For example: in cups, leagues, Champions League, and so for.

2. You can now enjoy the entrance scene cinematics in all game modes, including Exhibition matches, cups and leagues.


Run sider.exe, it will open a command-line text window, with some introductory text. Don’t close that window, but you can minimize it, if you want.

Run the game. Make sure you press a keyabord key at least once, for example when the game says “Press Any Key”. This is very important – to make sure that sider.dll gets mapped into PES 2015 process. After that, you can navigate the game with your game controller (or keyboard), whichever way you

If all worked correctly, then on “Select Sides” screens, you should be able to move the controllers left and right without any restrictions.


There are several settings you can set in sider.ini:

exe.name = “\PES2015.exe”

– this sets the pattern that the Sider program will use to identify which of the running processes is the game. You can have multiple “exe.name” lines in your sider.ini, which is useful, for example, if you have several exe files with slightly different names that you use for online/offline play.

free.select.sides = 1

– enables free movement of controllers. Normally, it is only possible in Exhibition modes, but with this setting set to 1, you will be able to move the controllers in the competition modes too. (0 – disables this feature)

free.first.player = 1

– This allows the 1st controller to be moved into the middle, disabling it effectively. Use this carefully in the
matches: if you move 1st controller into the middle, make sure that you have at least one other controller on the left or on the right. Otherwise, you will lose the control of the match. (0 – disables this feature)

cut.scenes = 1

– Setting this to 1 enables Entrance scenes, which show players coming to the field, anthems being played, team line-ups. (0 – disables this feature)


  1. Pattern match: D:\game\Pro Evolution Soccer 2015
    DLL attaching to (D:\game\Pro Evolution Soccer 2015\sider.exe).
    Mapped into PES 2015.
    Starting (.text): 00871000
    Unable to patch: code pattern not matched

    what doesn’t mean ?

  2. Muy bueno maestro ¡¡¡ Exelente queda con las intro … salvaste al PES15 ¡¡¡ faltaria mejorar el LOD y listo ¡¡

  3. For people that this patch dont work: Try to read freaking instruction. You must press any button on your keyboard when game says “press any button”. When you do, then you can normally use controller to play. Btw. I dont know how did you make game to execute cutscenes but your like god for me now.

  4. Yes i have Low player LOD in the scene, but its great to begins ! thanks for your work ! Pes 2015 come better and better !

  5. Wow, that’s an amazing and impressive little piece of programming from you..
    How did you learn to program this sorta stuff?
    Anyway, i love watching the CPU play itself (CPU vs CPU) and this is just the program mod for such a thing.. thanks for that..
    The ONLY issue i’ve seen for now is that, once i’m in that mode and one of the CPU teams scores, i’m not able to remove the replay thingy and so the match just hangs there with the replay scene and i’m not able to do anything coz i cant go to the menu or press V to exit the replay and continue the match..
    Anyway to do that?

  6. I basically just need one of the “escape” keys to function, even though i’m not in control of any of the teams.. (either V or B or esc)…

  7. PES 2015 Entrance Scenes Enable by Juce
    How to use it:
    1. Copy / ekstrak the download file to your PES 2015 Folder.
    2. Run the sider.exe, don’t close, just minimize it
    3. run PES 2015
    4. When in start screen “Press Any Button” push Enter / any keys on u’r keyboard, don’t use gamepad for a while when u doing this.
    5. Enjoy it!! do exhibition match, now, the entrance scenes is now appeared.

  8. Windows 7 64-bits.
    Before exit the game, the explorer.exe just freeze the windows and i need to restart the computer. Please fix it.

  9. No fixed at all. The Windows continue to freeze before exit the game.
    So it needs a fix. Thank you.
    I mean not you.
    KONAMI is fucking responsible to turn on the openscences, and not you.

  10. No fixed at all. The Windows continue to freeze before exit the game.
    So it needs a fix. Thank you.
    I mean not you.
    KONAMI is responsible to turn on the openscences, and not you.

  11. Los archivos descomprimidos los pegas en la carpeta del pes, abris el programa descargado que es una ventanita negra, y sin cerrarla abris el pes, cuando en el juego te sale la pantalla de bienvenida que dice “presione cualquier boton” tenes que apretar “enter” y despues si podes usar los controles o seguir jugando con el teclado. Saludos

  12. Wonderful, but you can disable Decreasing Graphics Quatily, which make the game so awful, especially in Entrance Scene!

  13. My Apology, I use Pesgalaxy so I just changed slider.ini settings to:

    exe.name = “\PESGalaxySwitch.exe”
    exe.name = “\PES2015.exe”

    free.select.sides = 1
    free.first.player = 0

    cut.scenes = 1

    And It worked just fine, Thanx

  14. Very good Juce, great job.
    One question. you can show more often the sequence on the substitution of the players?

    thanks a lot

  15. Can you make any more option tools for :
    – graphic resolution
    – aspect ratio screen
    – LOD/rendering process enchancement



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