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PES 6 Shollym Patch 2010-2011


Contents of the patch:

– Option file with all transfers, all correct squad numbers and fully updated first lineups, player age correct
– There are 2versions of Option file, Normal and Option file with changed gameplay (the game physics are closer to real football game) + a bonus Option file with Futsal teams.
– Classic National teams replaced with combined B teams;
– Teams in the patch are the best teams from all around the world
– Deeply covered squads, all young players are created
– National teams roosters updated with team lists for upcoming UEFA EURO 2012 qualification games
– Updated formations of all club and national teams
– Updated all national teams squads
– All teams with 2010/2011 kits
– As always many player stats are updated to keep the best gameplay
– Updated formations of all teams
– Stadiums with improved graphics and HD turf
– Updated adboards on stadiums
– Real life Referees patch
– New looks for menus and cup, league and ML backgrounds
– Logos of leagues updated
– Real trophies patch included
– HD Flags for all teams in the game
– Fully updated Ballserver and Bootserver
– Fully updated Face & hair Server
More than 500 Balls in ball server. All of them assigned to correct home teams
3000 Boots, many of them personalized boots & ALL assigned to correct players by LeeST
Over 4000 faces
– High quality CHANTS for all club teams in game, added many missing chants for national teams, combined chants from all chantmakers to make the best and most complete chantpack ever.
– Completely new music background ih the whole game
– Realistic ball sound, referee whistle, sound of ball hitting the post and crossbar
– Nationality flags replace 3 letters in Master league mode
– Version with emblems instead of 3 letters is also available
– Better looks for crowd – updated crowd textures by Astracel
– New colour style for PES6

Improved player’s off the ball characteristics (attack, defence, teamwork), balanced quality of the teams – reduced the big difference in quality between ‘big’ and ‘small’ teams, also balanced physicall stats of ‘star’ and ‘normal’ players (body balance, stamina, speed, response, mentality) and as a result of that eliminated so called “robot effect” (situation where phisically much stronger players literally go through weaker players); goalkeepers stats aro also much improved so now their reactions resemble more to reality, alsco “BALANCE” improved for all goalies so now they don’t rebound stronger shots – as a result of that rebound goals that irritate every serious PES player are almost eliminated.

Improved Master league and other Cup/League competitions:
This is mostly as a result of balanced teams qualities so now every COM opponent is harder to beat, and scores of other COM teams in the league are now various so you can’t have a situation as we had before when for example after 10 rounds Man. Utd and Chelsea have 9 or 10 league wins, this contributes to a very interesting competition that is closer to reality where big and expensive teams can often loose or play draw against weaker oppponents.

Improved AI, especially player movements in defence because of improved teamwork stats players (especially side backs) come back more often and fill the empty gaps on the sides or cover opponents – as a result of this it is very difficult to score asy goals from 5 yard box or one of those goals when you give a return ball to your player standing 20 m from the goal and then he fires aalmost a ceratin goal, these are well known PES 6 goals and believe me with this patch they are very hard to score because of improved goalkeepers and reduced weaker foot accuracy. This is the reason why many people noticed that the game is changed after they played this patch for the first time, especially if you use Shollym gamelay option file which is even more harder and closer to real football experience.

Visual improvments:
New stadiums with improved graphics and HD turf, real referees, real trophees, TV scoreboards, new looks for menus and team emblems, high quality kits, faces..

Atmosphere during matches:
Many consider this to be the best element of Shollym Patch, all teams have their original chants and stadiums so in the beggining of eevry match there is a feeling as if you were on the stadium! Also ball sounds and referee whistle are changed so everything is closer to reality.

Other improvements:
Constant adding of new players and transfers, actualized player stats, new music background in the game…

You can find more than 100 screenshots of the game on its Facebook page.

Team list:
All the best teams in the world in one place:

34,”National\Ivory Coast”
37,”National\South Africa”
52,”National\New Zealand”
54,”National\North Korea”
55,”National\South Korea”


Premier League

65,”EPL\Aston Villa”
66,”EPL\Blackburn Rovers”
73,”EPL\Manchester City”
74,”EPL\Manchester United”
77,”EPL\West Brom”
82,”EPL\West Ham”

Bundes – RPL – League 1

84,”European Teams\Monaco”
85,”European Teams\Bordeaux”
86,”European Teams\CSKA Moscow”
87,”European Teams\Spartak”
88,”European Teams\Zenit”
89,”European Teams\Lokomotiv Moscow”
90,”European Teams\Lyon”
91,”European Teams\Marseille”
92,”European Teams\Rubin”
95,”Bundesliga\Bayern Munchen”
96,”European Teams\PSG”
101,”European Teams\Auxerre”
102,”Bundesliga\Schalke 04″

Calcio – TSL – JSL – HNL

104,”Serie A\Juventus”
105,”European Teams\Partizan”
106,”European Teams\Red Star”
107,”European Teams\Vojvodina”
108,”Serie A\Genoa”
109,”Serie A\Udinese”
110,”Serie A\Fiorentina”
111,”Serie A\Inter”
112,”Serie A\Lazio”
113,”European Teams\Besiktas”
114,”Serie A\Napoli”
115,”Serie A\Milan”
116,”Serie A\Palermo”
117,”Serie A\Parma”
118,”European Teams\Dinamo Zagreb”
119,”Serie A\Roma”
120,”Serie A\Sampdoria”
121,”European Teams\Hajduk”
122,”European Teams\Fenerbahce”
123,”European Teams\Galatasaray”

Gaucho Carioca Liga

124,”South American Teams\Boca Juniors”
125,”South American Teams\River Plate”
126,”South American Teams\Independiente”
127,”South American Teams\Botafogo”
128,”South American Teams\Estudiantes”
129,”South American Teams\Corinthians”
130,”South American Teams\Cruzeiro”
131,”South American Teams\Flamengo”
132,”South American Teams\Fluminense”
133,”South American Teams\San Lorenzo”
134,”South American Teams\Velez”
135,”South American Teams\Gremio”
136,”South American Teams\Internacional”
137,”South American Teams\Palmeiras”
138,”South American Teams\Racing Avellaneda”
139,”South American Teams\Santos”
140,”South American Teams\Sao Paulo”
141,”South American Teams\Vasco de Gama”

Primera Division

142,”Primera Division\Athletic Bilbao”
143,”Primera Division\Barcelona”
144,”Primera Division\Sociedad”
145,”Primera Division\Almeria”
146,”Primera Division\Deportivo”
147,”Primera Division\Espanyol”
148,”Primera Division\Getafe”
149,”Primera Division\Malaga”
150,”Primera Division\Hercules”
151,”Primera Division\Zaragoza”
152,”Primera Division\Atletico Madrid”
153,”Primera Division\Real Madrid”
154,”Primera Division\Mallorca”
155,”Primera Division\Osasuna”
156,”Primera Division\Racing Santander”
157,”Primera Division\Levante”
158,”Primera Division\Sevilla”
159,”Primera Division\Valencia”
160,”Primera Division\Villarreal”
161,”Primera Division\Sporting Gijon”

World Teams

162,”European Teams\AZ”
163,”European Teams\Ajax”
164,”European Teams\Feyenoord”
165,”European Teams\PSV”
166,”European Teams\Panathinaikos”
167,”European Teams\Olympiakos”
168,”European Teams\AEK”
169,”European Teams\Aris”
170,”European Teams\Paok”
171,”European Teams\Benfica”
172,”European Teams\Porto”
173,”European Teams\Sporting Lisboa”
174,”European Teams\Celtic”
175,”European Teams\Rangers”
176,”South American Teams\Chivas”
177,”European Teams\Braga”
178,”European Teams\Shakhtar”
179,”European Teams\Dynamo Kiev”
180,”South American Teams\America”

181,”South American Teams\Atletico Nacional”
182,”South American Teams\Colo-Colo”
183,”South American Teams\LDU”
184,”South American Teams\Nacional”
185,”South American Teams\Peñarol”

186,”European Teams\Anderlecht”
187,”European Teams\Standard”
188,”European Teams\Rosenborg”
189,”European Teams\Bursa”
190,”European Teams\Wisla”
191,”European Teams\Brugge”
192,”European Teams\Kopenhagen”
193,”European Teams\Sparta Praha”
194,”European Teams\Legia Warszawa”
195,”European Teams\Steaua”
196,”European Teams\Cluj”
197,”European Teams\Levski Sofia”
198,”European Teams\Basel”
199,”European Teams\Salzburg”
200,”European Teams\Rapid”
201,”European Teams\Hapoel”
202,”European Teams\Zilina”
203,”European Teams\Twente”

Download parts:





e_sound (fifa commentary):






option file:


pes6 exe:




stadiums map:


Torrent download (all files in one):



  1. WOW!! that looks awesome!!
    I’ll try that out then come back for commenting!
    Fully appreciate your efforts!

  2. when i click to pes6.exe it show:the game is no properly installed…please some tutorial how to install

  3. Süper pess thankssss : english thawopso : circasssian grascıasss : spanich teşekkürler : thankssss

  4. i have a problem with installation of kitserver..when i double click the kitserver installer it shows a message “unknown EXE-file, this is not a valid executable of pes 6” can someone help?

  5. i don’t know if this affects the installation of kitserver but i have downloaded pes 6 and i think it had by itself a patch of season 06-07. what’s your opinion?

  6. hmm, u need to have a clean (new) installation of pes 6 without any patches on it and then install this patch and it should work without problems

  7. yes but did u tried to copy file e_text from e text language packs folder to program files/konami/pes6/dat ? u should have working scoreboards now

  8. Very very veryy thanks!!! It work all fine =D

    Go download the optionals

    Valeew!!!! Muito obrigadoo!!!

    Congratulations!! wonderful patch =D

  9. Thanks for the patch, great job!!!
    I would like for the next version of the patch the scoreboard of the Bundesliga. Thanks.

  10. Patch je odlican ,svaka cast !!!
    Transferi su dobro uradjeni, pogotovo dresovi oni su odlicni .
    Nemam vise sta reci samo napred i tako nastavite ka boljem … ;)

  11. sizzerb i instaled the kitserver and now i can play with the patch.the logos are ok and the kits for the clubs..but the league names are wrong and their logos are wrong.Another problem is that if i go to select (for example panathinaikos)then the logo is correct but the name over the logo is Bayern munich :P and panathinaikos has the roster of bayern munich season 05-06 but kits and logos corret for panathinaikos.What’s wrong?

  12. no,i had the pes 6 without any patch, so it had fictional teams and with the patch, has this problem

  13. check in the installation manual did u copied everything well and also check did u installed kitserver

  14. i found it!! i had not put shollym gameplay in folder 1 :P now i’ts working..thanks for your help and for your time :)

  15. Is it possible that the patch need greater system requirements than the original installation of PES6?
    I’ve run the unpatched version on my Eee901 (Intel Atom 1,6GHz, 2GB RAM, Intel GMA450 integrated gpu) without problems, and now, after the patch it’s crashing everytime on the squad introdution screen (after choosing the formation etc., and before stadium intro)… tried everything, from changing the option file (normal, shollym, futsal) to put the setting on low details and resolution…need really help here :(

  16. Yes, the patch requires more than original PES6. Looking at your computer conifig, ur RAM is good bud it could be ur proccessor that is making problems. Also, it could be possible that its not ur computer that is bad, it could be that u didn’t copied and installed the patch well or missed some part.

  17. Nope, it’s definatly a hardware issue…have done it all over again with a fully new install and step by step patch but there is always the same problem showing up…even on training mode, exhibition match, there is no difference, it is always crahing on the same place before the entrance scene/loading screen etc… :(

  18. if u change the lodcfg in the kitserver to very low,you get a funny version of game . lol .the player is like a lego

  19. How can I get the CL tune during he entrance? or is this allready in the masterleague when you ancomplished the CL?
    very nice patch indeed thank you very much.

  20. Hi. I’ve download and install the patch, but when I go to edit there’s all changed, jerseys are not to be in any team, and players face are not as expected. How to solve this problem? Please help, the patch is extra .. I hope you understand me, I bad speak English. :(

  21. @mire07 u probably didnt installed the patch correctly, read the instructions and follow every step carefuly

  22. Srbi pomagajte… :) Ja sam skinuo Kitserver, ali ne znam gdje da ga kopiram zato što imam ripovanu verziju PES-a 6 (nemam KONAMI u Program Files-u)… Pokušavao sam u My Document-u, ali neće… Pokušavao sam napraviti KONAMI u Program Files-u i kopirati taj Kitserver, ali opet neće… Pomagajte drugovi… :)

  23. I have download Kitserver, but I do not know where to copy it because I have a ripped version of PES 6 (Konami doesn’t have in the Program Files) … I tried copy to the My Document, but it not working… I tried to make the program files KONAMI-and copy that Kitserver, but still not working… I need help…

  24. sizzerb brate odlican je patch…………svaka cast!
    samo malo pomos :) neki timovi su poremeceni,pise aris,igaci su iz aris-a sve je iz aris-a ali logo je juventus……….

    imam ovaj problem sa nekoliko timova sta da uradim?

  25. ako si sve dobro uradio onda nebi imao problem, jesi sve sve iskopirao, i OF, i e_text i pes6.exe jer je to najvaznije?

  26. Hi, I have a problem, can you help me please?
    In folder “dat” I rewrote these files: 0_sound, 0_text, e_sound, e_text …
    I created a new folder “Kitserver” and to GDB folder I put “Stadiums”
    File “PES6” a rewrote too. Then I installed “kitserver setup” …

    And when I turn on the game and loading rosters, the PES fall :(

    What I have to do ?? PLEASE HELP :)

  27. Kitserver still doesn’t work, I don’t know why, I installed everything correctly I think. When I install kitserver, the game falls :(
    At least rosters are right, shame about kits …

  28. Zna li neko kako da skinem ovaj patch? molim vas pomozite mi da skinem ovaj patch. . .

    Does anyone know how to take off this patch? please help me to take off this patch. . .


  30. ali to mora jedno po jedno. . . i nzm kako to da spojim posle :S
    ae mi daj iz jednog da skinem samo instaalaciju i da idem samo na instal i kraj? ovako mi je komplikovano nzm ja to :D ako mozes molim te ucini mi mnogoo mi znaci. . .

  31. Nema automatske instalacije, skini torrent ako ti je lakse.

    Obrigado cara, eu espero patch funciona bem para você. E feliz ano novo

  32. I could say hello to thousands of players now that is not all teams in 2010? I followed all the steps for installation and this problem is only.Sizzerb players please answer me …

  33. brate , sve uradim kako treba kako pise, pojavila mi se brazilska liga zvezda partizan i svi igraci su na mestu , ali dresevi stadioni kopacke lopte nisu , negde gresim , sta treba da uradim da bi mi se to pojavilo *?

  34. eee jel moze neko da mi pomogne,skinuo sam pes6 sa neta i instalirao ga al ne mogu da ubacim OF od patcha jer treba u onaj save file da se ubaci a meni nema tog save file-a.Svuda sam ga trazio al ne mogu da ga nadjem.Ako neko moze da mi pomogne molim vas!!!!!

  35. a gdje je taj “OF” jel to ono u Option file…
    Sto je to bas bitno ako je to samo gameplay, kao i ostala dva…

  36. jbg vise, uradim sve kako treba i opet sjebano, pa koji je kurac vise, uredu su igraci, i sve je ok kad igram, al kad odem u edit kod klubova drugi dresovi… sranje jbg… imal neki fix il sta???!!!!

  37. sve uradim kako treba, i po upustvu instaliram i opet kad udjem u edit ne ocita dresove… a u igri je ok,… pa koji je kurac jbg?!!!!!!!!!!

  38. i dont have the My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\save\folder1 !!!!!!!! It does NOT exist on my comp!!!!! PLS help me!!!!

  39. i dont have the My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\save\folder1 !!!!!!!! It does NOT exist on my comp!!!!! PLS help me!!!! What do i do????!

  40. daj uradite klasicne timove,ova stvar sa mladim reprezentacijama je bez veze-let do classic teams, this thing with young teams is crap

  41. when i extracted the whole six parts are extracted into a single folder.
    I think only one part is enough for update,is it?

  42. Does anyone know what do i do if i dont have the save file to copy the Option file over??? Jel zna neko sta da radim ako nemam save file za PES6 a treba da prekopiram Option File???

  43. Ako vam fali “My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\save\folder1”, pa jednostavno napravite to, odete u MY DOcuments, napravite foldee KONAMI, u njemu napravite folder Pro Evolution Soccer 6, zatim u tom foderu napravite folder save, a u tom fodleru folder pod nazivom folder1… eto, i tu u taj folder1 kopirate taj svoj Option file…

    A zna li neko zasto mi ne pokazuje dresove kad odem u EDIT, citav sam patch skino i instaliro po upustvu, u igri je uredu sve, al u editu ocita dresove sa default PES-a… zna li neko??

  44. why are there like 234 Classic Kits in the inuforms folder when there actually aren’t any Classic teams to select in the game? We’re suppose to unlock them somehow or there are left there for us to create the teams…?????

  45. @brian download e_text language packs and copy e_text to ur pes 6 dat folder

    @shef MK its because a patch with classic teams is coming out soon and u will be able to use it together with Shollym patch

  46. mozes da instaliras ali ce ti biti scoreboard bele boje tj. neces videti rezultat na utakmicama, sta te kosta da skines e_text?

  47. Sizzerb,ja imam jedan problem,na mom compu nema My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\save\folder1.Pokusao sam da ga napravim sam ali ni to nije uspelo,jel mozes da mi pomognes,molim te?

  48. imam instaliram i igram ga normalono vec jedno 6 meseci,ali nemam save file nigde na compu.Ne kontam.

  49. ovako, idi u my computer, klikni gore na view pa na explorer bar i onda na search. Otvorice ti se prozor na levoj strani, tu izaberi All files and folders i ukucaj folder1 i klikni na search i sacekaj da ti izbaci folder1

  50. a hoce li imati posebno npr.real 91-99,barsa 91-99 itd.da se koriste sa standardnim timovima,kao u prvim verzijama patcha

  51. ne znam jer ja do sada nisam igrao taj patch, sve novine o njemu mozes pratiti na sajtu pes-serbia.com

  52. SIzzerb patch je extra..Hvala ti puno…Extra mi radi… Samo imam jedno pitanje.. Mogu li kad igram “Master League” da promijenim ono gore-npr,sto je RTS2 , Sportklub itd…Meni je stalno Sportklub2..Mogu li kako da promijenim ????

  53. @biii to zavisi od brzine tvog interneta.

    @Stefke mislim da ne mozes, to zavisi u kojoj ligi igras kada igras master ligu, meni je npr. ArenaSport1

  54. ALi kada igram masterligu , bilo u kojoj ligi – meni je Sportklub 1. :D
    Pa mogu li kako to da mijenjam ?

  55. mislim da ne mozes, ali ovako, vidi da li ti je na prijateljskim utakmicama namesteno na sportklub pa ako jeste probaj promeniti i onda vidi da li je isti i u ml

  56. Ok, hvala Sizzerb… Jos jedno pitanje :D … Jeste li vi stavili da igracima svim’ bude top speed do 72… U prosjeku oko 60. ???

  57. Sizzerb opet isto sa TV Scoreboard.Stavim na exhibition da mi je Arenasport1 , udjem na masterleague , meni opet sportklub1 ???? Jeste li vi stavljali da je top speed igracima do 72..Npr. Cristiano Ronaldo ima 69,Messi 68 , Walcott 72 ???

  58. Sizzerb opet isto sa TV Scoreboard.Stavim na exhibition da mi je Arenasport1 , udjem na masterleague , meni opet sportklub1 ???? Jeste li vi stavljali da je top speed igracima do 72..Npr. Cristiano Ronaldo ima 69,Messi 68 , Walcott 72 ???????????????????????

  59. Ne znam sta onda da radis sa scoreboardom, jbg.. Da, te brzine su stavljene jer cine igru daleko realnijom tj. nema vise onih fora da npr. uzmes Ronalda ili Mesija i onda pretrcavas svakoga, ovako moras da gradis akciju. Ali ako se tebi to ne svidja, imas OF sa normalnim brzinama za sve igrace, samo ubaci njega i imaces normalne brzine

  60. Ne nego pitam za brzine jer je ideja stvarno extra… Extra je ovako… :))))) I sad razmisljam kako si se samo dosjetio da to uradis… Extra… :)

  61. Mora li taj sto izlazi u februaru ponovo da se skida… Msm sve one fajlove ponovo da skidam ?? Ili samo neke da ubacim ???

  62. evo sad hoce, haha :D ma mene mrzi ovo skidati :S …al’ ajd i hvala ti :) Nisam bas strucan u ovome sigruno cu te morati jos nesto pitati :)

  63. @Stefke neces morati sve da skidas.

    @saadane222b u didnt put e_text in ur dat folder and also balls in GDB folder

  64. Ok Sizzerb…. ;)))) :)))) ‘OCes li taj patch za zimske transfere i taj classic patch ovdje postaviti ???

  65. Sizzerb brate kada se skida igrica trebaju li svi dijelovi da se skinu?(ja sam sve) I zasto se extraktuje na deskopt samo part 1…ili se trebaju svi extraktovati ? :O jbg glupo sto pitam ,ali nikad nisam radio ovo . :SS

  66. @kick goal u wont have chants for teams then

    @biii da skines sve delove, zatim ove fajlove koji imaju vise delova npr. part1, part2 itd… njih extraktujes tako sto kliknes extrakt samo na part1 a part1 onda automatski poveze sve ostale delove i spoji ih u jedan fajl na desktopu ili gde si vec odredio da se extraktuje. Sve imas ovde: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeLjKYYvOXQ

  67. e ljudi a gde igra Tieri Henry u ovom patch-u????????
    neigra za barsu,a koliko ja znam on jos nije otisao nigde. . . ?

  68. brate shvatio sam. Nece da mi extraktuje,nzm sto :SS Vidiio sam i ovaj video,znam sve kako treba ,ali nece da extraktuje ,uradim sve kako treba i nece.Kao greska u part 3 ili 4 …ni kitserver ama bas nista nece da ex..nz u cemu je problem ?
    @Deejay ziv bio Henry ti vec godinu ipo ,dve nije u barsi :)

  69. je l’ može neko da mi objasni šta treba da uradim da bi se čula pesma tima koji izaberem (sa kojim god timom da igram čuje se pesma nekog drugog – npr partizan – zvezda na jna, a čuje se pesma nekog brazilskog tima…)???

  70. hello again :) i didn’t come here to ask a question ,but to give an idea for the patch (if it’s possible to be done).i think that the patch is serbian right? so you might know that greece&serbia=brothers you know olympiacos-crvena zvezda,paok-partizan. i’m greek, so i would like to see the greek superleague (it’s called like that) but i repeat if it can be possible,no offence the patch is great…but i’m just giving you an idea :)

  71. Yes it’s serbian patch, but as you can see there is no serbian league because this patch is played worldwide and no one from England or Spain or Brazil and other countries would play Serbian league :) so, in the patch there are only 3 best serbian teams and that also goes for greek clubs, all best greek clubs are in patch. But, if u would like to have entire greek superliga in the game there is a patch with greek superleague :)

  72. Da li je obavezno da se skidaju ovi zvucni fajlovi 0_sound, e_sound, x_sound? Da li je moguce igrati patch bez ovoga?

  73. @Tirko moguce je ali neces imati navijanja, novu muziku u patchu i jos po nesto.

    @ipp8925 there IS a patch with greek superleague for PES 6 for this season :)

  74. Sizzerb pronadji me na fb-u da bih mogao tamo da te nesto pitam i tako… Trazi preko imena..Stefan Delije Sever Vujosevic.. :D

  75. @ipp8925 whats your name there so i could find u?

    @stefke addovao sam te, milos jankovic ;)

    @saadane go to kitserver and launch lodcfg and make sure that everything is set to the highest level

  76. Patch je odlican ali ne mogu nikako da ga igram.Kad prikaze formacije klubova igrica Crash-uje.Znali iko zbog cega je to?

    Its a great patch but i can’t play him.The game crashes when the formations of the teams shows up.Does anyone know why?

  77. Cito sam starije komente i vido sam da je lik imo los komp. ali moj ima 3.2 procesor 1 GB ram 125 graficku i instaliro sam igricu perfektno do cega bih moglo biti ?

  78. thnx a lot sizzerb :) (that one i found was from the same person but it was last season rosters an it was on another site)

  79. Sizzerb tenks a lot for the patch and have you finished the whinter transfers ???? and please the new op file

  80. INFO: An update for Shollym patch with winter transfers is coming out on 12 February along with Shollym classic patch – a patch with classic teams.

  81. @AyamZ first extract the boots to kitserver/gdb/boots then go to boots folder and open text file boots and find Barcelona and there find Messi. Then just assign him the boots u extracted and that’s it.

  82. does patch requires some better system requrements then pes 6……
    can you writte if does requires. Thank you :))

  83. why when i play master league , its just my team chant in home match and when i play away match (its always my chant ) ?
    Anyone can help ?

  84. Yeah, it’s a known issue with the patch. You fix that by downloading DKZ studio and then you put chants of your team in it’s correct slots, you can tell me which team you are playing with and I will give you the slots for their chants.

  85. Instalirao sam sve kako i piše ali mi neće ući u igru…imam instaliran win 7 ultimate x64 i kaže mi pes6.exe stop working…neznam u čemu je problem..ako netko zna i ima volje pomoći neka mi odgovori na mail,hvala :)

  86. Gdje da skinem ovaj patch cijeli.Napisite adresu molim vas ili neki drugi patch za pes 6 iz 2009/2010 ili 2010/2011.MOLIM VAS!!!!!!

  87. please try to upload them again to adifferent site

    such as mediafire or use mirrorcreator

  88. Sizzerb kako da skinem ovaj zimski patch a da ne skidam sve fajlove… Mislim samo da imam transfere a ono da ostane isto ? Samo da skinem option file ?

  89. U have the patch on piratebay, when u download it just uncheck all parts that u have downloaded and leave checked those parts that u dont have.

  90. Should I unzip all the files before copying them to my existing PES6 folder? Because, when i unzip them, say kitserver part 1 and kitserver part 2, the files unzipped have the same name and size, resulting in simply overwriting of the files.

  91. Sizzerb please tell me how i put the chants in their correct slots, because i never used DKZ studio and i dont know how to do it.:D Thanx

  92. @manish Look in this video youtube.com/watch?v=JeLjKYYvOXQ

    @davidPES64EVER Download this mediafire.com/?fbcnhbb7mb2nk4l You have instructions inside ;)

  93. hie mate how come ive got commentary in only a foreign language and just champions league adboards thanks

  94. @Sizzerb please could you tell me how to convert a .bmp file to a .bin file ? I have used Adobe Photoshop to create faces but I can’t convert them to .bin in order to have them in the game… Please help…

  95. ok @sizzerb sorry for asking you again. i already have this file but please tell me where can i find the chants in my pes 6 folders. in e_sound for exemple or where?


  96. @avralex21 I don’t know how to make a face but If you have any specific face that you want to add you can ask on evo-web forum.

    @davidPES64EVER Chants are in 0_sound file.

  97. [email protected] what i need to do? i opened the o_sound with DKZ studio and there i found a lot of files named unknow_00250.adx etc. But i dont know what is the slot? the _00250 is a slot? and i think that davidPES64ever wants to know this too YOU’RE THE BEST SIZZERB

  98. @cronaldo piratebay is working, maybe it’s blocked in your country?

    @shollym4ever Yes, those are slots for club and national teams chants. Tell me which team chant you want to change and I will tell you their slot in 0_sound.

  99. I would like to change the chant of: FC Barcelona, Arsenal, Galatasaray, Lyon, and Manchester United. You’ll tell me their slots, and i need to change for ex _00250.adx with renaming it?

  100. Manchester 440, 441, 442, 443, 444 Lyon 500, 501, 502, 503, 504 Galatasaray 465, 466, 467, 468, 469 Arsenal 445, 446, 447, 448, 449 Barcelona 455, 456, 457, 458, 459. You need to have their chants in .adx format. For example, if you have Barcelona chant you name it unnamed_455 (format need to be .adx) and you import it over the existing one in 0_sound with DKZ stduio. It can look hard but it’s not and I don’t know why would ou change their chants, they got the newest chants but it’s your choice.

  101. sizzerb sorry for the confusion, i just want to put them in their correct slots because i cant hear them in the master league, i dont want to change them

  102. @sizzerb i looked to the info file from the patch and it says:SLOTS

    SLOTS 100 to 540 of 0_sound

    5280 to 5885 of X_sound

    Inter 470
    Milan 480
    Juventus 475
    Lazio 485
    495 Roma
    390 Fiorentina
    Parma 5785
    435 Palermo
    170 Napoli
    Genoa 5550
    Udinese 5565
    Sampdoria 5560
    torino 5835

    Manchester 440
    Arsenal 445

    so this means that arsenal is in its correct slot? but when i play in master league i hear one of their chants and after that some chants for the argentinian teams. please tell me which is their correct slot too

  103. Arsenal slots are 445, 446, 447, 448 and 449. So you need to export their chants to your desktop for example by right click on slot and select export. After you do that, you need to put their chants in these slots 310-314, 340-345, 346-349 by right clicking on the slot and selecting import and then choose chants that you have imported to your desktop. After that, you go to File/Save as in DKZ studio and you save it on you desktop for example, and then u copy that 0_sound file to ur dat foler. Then you will hear their chants in master league. I hope u understand me.

  104. Hey there! Congrats for the awesome patch, this is indeed an amazing work for all the PES6 fans! :D Keep it up!

    Althoug I’m having a couple of problems… How can I correct the chants? And when I’m playing it crashes after a while, what can be causing this?


  105. You change the chants with DKZ studio, read what I wrote above. And that crash, could u tell me ur PC specs? Cuz if ur PC is weak that can happen and u then need to delete balls folder from kitserver. ;)

  106. Oh, thanks! :D Btw, is there any complete list of the slots? That would be reallu helpful, especially for me because I play a lot with and against portuguese teams!

    My PC spec:

    P4 3.0GHz
    2.0GB RAM
    512MB VGA nVidia

  107. I loaded the patch February 12, 2011 and i want DZK program to modify the chants for the masses pls answer me what can i do ???

  108. Patch je fantastican, nema bagova i tako nekih gluposti. Jedina stvar koja mi se ne svidja sto nema pojedinjenih reprezentacija i klubovi nisu lepo rasporedjeni: Bundes Liga itd. Ostalo bez zamerke, najvise su me impresionirali dresevi, nema samo dva dosadna kompleta, nego vise. Jedini igrac koji fali u celom patchu je Pantelic u Srbiji. —SO I RECOMMEND THIS PATCH FOR ALL PES 6 FANS.— P.S. Jedva cekam sledeci patch “Shollym 2011”. Ima te pohvale od mnogih koji igraju vas patch. Pozdrav, samo napred.

  109. Gdje mogu ovaj lijepi patch da skinem.Napisite na multi… to jest kad kliknem na taj naziv mogu da ga downloadujem.Brzo odgovorite.

  110. sve sam napravio kako je prikazano na onom videu za instalaciju ali kada pokrenem igru, krenem namjestat sastav tima i izbaci me iz igre… ne znam zasto… za svaki slucaj sam obrisao onaj folder balls i opet isto…
    pomozite molim vas!! :)

  111. sve sam napravio kako je prikazano na onom videu za instalaciju ali kada pokrenem igru, krenem namjestat sastav tima i izbaci me iz igre… ne znam zasto… za svaki slucaj sam obrisao onaj folder balls i opet isto…
    pomozite molim vas!! :)

  112. Stefane skidaj preko torrenta.

    @chelsea When does that happen? When you try to play the match or else?

  113. sizzerb i delete the ball and now i can play the match its ok but the game do not have the scoreboard and my score is only white

  114. @Sizzerb could you please tell me how can I create faces and hair models in order to import them to my pes6 ?

  115. Helo….. My teams in pes 6 are original Pes6 (beckam in real madrid for example). how i change teams to 2010/2011??
    sorry my english XP

  116. I’ve already met …. could get an update since January? (torres in Chelsea etc….)
    Tks for patch :D

  117. Scoreboard are missing, instead there are only 2 white spots where scoreboard should be. Does anybody has an idea in which file are they and how to restore them to work correct?

  118. Pls update it man!! I open it but it says Page cannot be found! this is a sham….

  119. Why i can’t download kitserver? It shows me that was file not found at any of 6 servers.

  120. sve sam napravio kako ste i rekli ali opet su mi dresovi izmješani i nema stadiona… logo klubova također ne valja..
    zasto?? kako da to sredim??

  121. @CROnaldo – moras sve lepo da instaliras (zamenis), imas tutorijal na youtubu. Ja sam imao ovaj patch(mnogo dobra stvar),pa sam cistio komp i sve izbrisamo. Sad trazim opet da skinem. Mislim da na thorentu ima da se skine ceo patch od jednom .Poz

  122. @CROnaldo – Ja sam instalirao opet radi,ali sam skinuo ceo patch(7gb) preko torenta. Pozdrav

  123. how do you unite the files together? I’ve got 6 different sound files which the program doesn’t take. can anyone tell me how to put them in one bigger file?

  124. @NEMESIS Please tell me how to fix ML chants . I know i have to put the team chants in those 15 slots, but i don’t have nothing like that on my folder . PLEASE HELP ME ! Cheers

  125. hi i have a problem with the patch is at the score display and its duration becomes white and occupies a large space and more rear plan does not appear c is as in the original version of pes 6 need help please
    Ps if somebody knows how to display the new stadium
    thank you Shollym is the best


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