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SFX mod + gameplay tool for PES2011 by Jenkey1002 (update 0.3.2)



Changelog :

– New AI for COM
– Better ball physic
– No delay between motions
– SFX ambient sound
– Improve Animation process
– Better cussor change
– ….


Update 0.3.1 :
– fix too fast speed in match & SFX sound (works correct now)
– Fix crash in match in somecase when use SFX
– Update gameplay simple database
Update 0.3.2
– Fix replay bug
– update SFX effect

Download latest version – 0.3.2


How to use – important

– Download & extract
– Copy file and subfolder to PES2011 installed folder
– configure
– Attach kitserver to your exe file
– Run game via gameplay tool

How to configure

Goto folder “gameplayjen”, open “gameplay.cfg”

Change your file exe file name (pes2011.exe) – You also can use exe file gameplay by komu, yair12
Change kitserver folder path : remember use short path like “kitserver”, not “C:\…\konami\..\kitserver”
If want to use SFX , change “SFX = 1”
Recommended :
If have problem like : no sound, delay, cant start game, crash…
change “SFX = 0” and try again

– Play game via gameplay tool !.
if you have problem with the tool
“SFX = 0”
and try again

:h: Enjoy !!

Credits : juce, barcafan, komu, yair12

Waiting for your all feedback. I have not much time for online but I will do if posible.


  1. this program is very unstable. it crashes quite a lot. and for me i use it because of the sfx. if u have to disable that for stability …then there is no point… all these game play patches in my opinion do more harm than good so i dont bother with them…just tried this because of the SFX which is good cos the volume is higher and makes for a better atmosphere. its just too unstable when you enable sfx.
    work on stability jenky and u’ll end up with a great program because of the SFX and animation boost.

  2. does anyone else experience the same crashes as I do. For me it crashes a lot which makes it not very usable. Nice idea but not very well delivered.

  3. nice mod; not without some flaws, but still a lot better than the painfully stupid original PES.


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